Tag: grief

  • My Uncle’s Funeral and Family Connections

    A short blog post about my uncle’s funeral and family connections.

  • My Uncle is Dying

    A blog post about the sadness I feel about my uncle being put on hospice care and expected to die soon.

  • Poetry – Eviction

    I never knew the place I hold in your heart would be put up for rent. Eviction notice at my feet, I box up my things, leave the key, and search the world for shelter.

  • My Sister Would Have Been 43 Today

    Today my sister would have turned 43 if she hadn’t prematurely ended her life around 8 years ago. I still miss her deeply. Part of me is glad she is out of pain, as she struggled horribly with mental illness, physical pain, and serious addiction issues, but most of me just wishes things would have […]

  • Celebrity Deaths

    Today the world is mourning the loss of basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, and 7 others who died in a helicopter crash yesterday. Personally, I am not a sports fan, so I didn’t feel much emotionally in connection to Kobe, although I empathize with the loss that his family, friends, fellow players, […]

  • Poetry – “Numb” Haiku

    When you feel nothing why does it always end up feeling horrible?

  • Reasons I’m Depressed Right Now

    My cat will die tomorrow. After 14+ years together. A meetup group that I was truly enjoying and was beginning to feel part of disbanded for the foreseeable future. I feel artistically lonely. I wish I had others in my “real” life who had the passion for art and literature (especially poetry) that I have. […]

  • Poetry – Killing My Cat

    Monday appointment 3pm $41 for the medicine of death $90 to turn you to ash cancer is no respecter of species Spyder, what would you say if you knew what was coming? The question haunts me and you aren’t even dead yet

  • Drawing My Mood

    Feeling like this little guy today. Things still not going well with my sick kitty. Feeling sad and overwhelmed. Wishing it wasn’t the holidays when I have family/social responsibilities pressing down on me too. On the plus side, I have been selling a lot of my art and books, but hard to feel too celebratory. […]

  • My Baby is Dying

    My baby kitty Spyder is dying. I’m pretty sure of it now. We’ve ruled out pretty much everything but cancer or autoimmune disease, with cancer looking most likely. He hasn’t eaten for 3 days now and is getting weaker and weaker. We’ve tried everything we know. Spent well over $1,000 to try to get him […]