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  • Poetry – “Numb” Haiku

    When you feel nothing why does it always end up feeling horrible?

  • Poetry – A Handful of Haiku

    1. Literary foes – poetry and drama show villains in us all 2. Feminine essence: pleasing full moon glow upon newly burst lilies 3. Immortal halo once crafted for an angel, my head now weighed down

  • Poetry (Haiku) – Grow Up

    Grow up, they all say But when I try to plant roots they poison the soil (Written for a #haikudaily tag on Twitter, theme was “grow”)

  • Afraid of Living

    I am not afraid to die – but I am not yet unafraid of living. I’m not sure I have ever written truer words than the 3-line poem above. This little gem came to me while taking a bath last night, so I repeated it to myself like a mantra until I got out of […]

  • Fun 6 Word Story Writing Prompts

    I must admit that I stole these 6 word story writing prompts from one of my favorite WordPress bloggers, Therapy Bits. I’m not sure where she gets these prompts, or if she makes them up herself, but I thought they looked like a lot of fun, so I started borrowing a few of them just […]

  • Two Haiku for You

    Two Haiku for You

    I have found myself at a loss for words, but here they come anyhow… All the lighthouses! All the lighthouses! Yet there’s no light to be found. Pointless monuments! (Yes, I know the second one is irregular form, but I felt it sounded better with the first line repeated, so I broke the rules!)