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  • Poetry – New Year, Same old Sh@#

    I was going to try to write a cheery New Year’s poem…oh well, maybe next year. “New Year, Same Old Shit” 200,000 crowns could never satisfy the heads of those born unto the spirit of entitlement. Nor would 200,000 bodies – as more than that have already been stepped over or kicked aside by royal […]

  • Goodbye 2013…a summary of my life this past year

    Hmmm….so 2013, how was it? How about I just sum it up with 5 highlights and 5 lowlights? Highlights: 1. Hubby finished his master’s degree and now he has lots more time to spend with me and do fun stuff 🙂 2. My husband took a break from ministry. That has relieved a lot of […]