Weekend Life Update: Depression, Meditation, Politics


I am currently experiencing a real downturn mood-wise, but I’m going to try to write a life update post anyhow. I tried to write a blog post yesterday, but was simply to depressed to complete it. Today I’m just going to sum up a few things that went on this last week, so hopefully, I will get something done today.

  • This past Wednesday, my husband and I tried out a new meditation group (new to us anyhow). I haven’t meditated in months at least, and it felt good to “get back in the saddle” so to say. Even though I don’t find that meditation is all that great at relieving my anxiety and depression symptoms overall, it does at least give me some perspective and allow me to step back a bit when I am feeling my worst and realize that it will pass if I just wait it out. That awareness is definitely beneficial to keeping myself on this earth when part of me wants to check out.
  • My blog post about not being a social media doormat really became popular! I guess many others struggle with all the bullies and haters that tend to hang out on popular social media platforms. Glad to see I’m not alone in this experience.
  • Today I am taking my bike and aerobics trampoline to sell them to a used sports equipment store. I have had to face the fact that I am not physically healthy enough to use them anymore and they are just taking up space. Hopefully someone else will get some use out of them. It is a bit depressing though to just give up.
  • I am so disgusted by American politics right now. I am disgusted with Trump. I am disgusted with his blindly loyal followers. I am disgusted by those on the left that display blatant hypocrisy and pretend to be “the opposition”, but are just as sold out to big money and corporation interests. I am disgusted by all the pointless warfare my country perpetuates. I am disgusted by the news media that twists everything and often outright lies.  I am disgusted by the lack of empathy many people have towards anyone who is different from them. I am disgusted by the fearmongering and scapegoating. I am disgusted that in the richest country on earth, Flint, MI still doesn’t have clean water, and much of Puerto Rico still doesn’t have power. I am disgusted that 40 million Americans don’t have health care and that 40% of the country can’t afford basic necessities like food and shelter. I am disgusted that conditions have deteriorated to the point that suicide rates have risen 30% since 1999. I am simply disgusted and feel powerless to help.

I Refuse to Be a Social Media Doormat!


Yesterday I had to make a choice to unfriend someone on Facebook, a choice that I hate to have to make, but am finding more necessary as time goes on. The person I ended up unfriending was an editor and small publisher I had worked with in the past, so there was a little bit of sadness at the loss of a professional relationship as well as a personal one, but to tell the truth, this person had always come across as rude, selfish, and impatient…so have I really lost all that much?

As I am getting older, I am just getting to the point that I am tired of being the kindly doormat that lets others walk all over me because I have a desperate desire to please everyone. I don’t at all mind people who have different opinions and beliefs than I do, in fact, I hope we can learn from one another, but when someone repeatedly shows a clear cruel streak and lack of empathy or compassion for others who are suffering greatly, it pisses me off. I also find it extremely hypocritical when someone throws a fit every time someone criticizes their viewpoint, but they refuse to even listen to any other point of view but their own, even going out of their way to silence any reasonable objection.

Sometimes I think that maybe all the therapy is helping me, because at one time I would have stressed greatly over unfriending someone because I would feel bad about it. But this time, I honestly only feel relief that I won’t have to be a witness to the negativity and mean-spirited vitriol anymore.

Is the ‘Twilight’ Saga really all that bad?

Along with the throngs of female fans, it seems that the ‘Twilight’ saga has another group that feels just as passionately about the series, although their feelings go in another direction.  It seems anywhere you go, whether it is online or in person, whenever the subject of the ‘Twilight’ movie or book series comes up, people take to their corners ready for a fight.  I’ve never heard someone say they “kinda liked” the series, it is either a love/hate situation it seems.

My question is for all the ‘Twilight’ haters out there…is it really worth the effort?  Now don’t get me wrong, I sympathize with the many men out there who have been dragged to the theaters by their wives or girlfriends to see what is obviously a chick flick.  Of course, I don’t blame those women, I myself have made my husband accompany me to each movie premiere…after all, what good is a romantic movie without the one you love?  Of course, the movies don’t seem to put him in the best mood, so maybe it backfires.

I also have to admit, that while I thought the books were decent, they will never be great literary masterpieces.  Ten years from now, the movies and the books will likely just be reflected upon as a fad.  I also must admit that while I do like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, I prefer them in other roles.  Stewart is much better in sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek comedies or horror flicks, and Pattinson can be a great dramatic actor as shown in ‘Remember Me’ and ‘Water for Elephants’.

That said, I still don’t get the excessive hate that radiates from some ‘Twilight’ critics.  Is the series really that much worse than many other teen movies?  Isn’t adolescence somewhat marked by ridiculous displays of emotion and endless drama?  And even if you want your vampires to suck blood rather than sparkle, is it really hurting anyone?  It’s not like all of the classic literature and movies about vampires will be overthrown by this one series.

Also, did you ever realize that by spending so much effort and time degrading the ‘Twilight’ series you are actually helping it to grow?  Even negative publicity is still publicity after all.  You might want to ask yourself as well why you want to spend so much time thinking about something you hate.  Is it a sort of masochism?  Hmmm….just some things to think about.