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  • Poetry – Master of Time

    Master of Time By: Maranda Russell Make the closed circuits and tinker with the channels. Embrace the metal of your own making as well as that of the Gods. Hold the pocket watch of eternity in your shaking hands and watch as time starts to run backwards. Today is the past, yesterday, the future.

  • TV Blackout Poetry: American Horror Story

    Last night while I was watching the 4th season of American Horror Story (Freak Show), I had the idea to write a poem using a similar technique to the “blackout poetry” idea, but instead of using print, I would take a few random phrases or words from the tv show I was watching and put […]

  • Fun 6 Word Story Writing Prompts

    I must admit that I stole these 6 word story writing prompts from one of my favorite WordPress bloggers, Therapy Bits. I’m not sure where she gets these prompts, or if she makes them up herself, but I thought they looked like a lot of fun, so I started borrowing a few of them just […]

  • 5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself!

    Here are a few important questions to ask yourself about your purpose and meaning in life! For fun, I have provided my own answers to them as an example! If you do answer these, I would recommend taking the time to write them down, think about them carefully, and be as honest as you can! […]

  • A Female Aspie’s Thoughts On Jordan Peterson

    Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of interviews and lectures with controversial thinker and psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson. This Canadian bloke is a rather interesting mix if you really listen to his thoughts and beliefs. Many on the left, especially those on the social justice warrior side seem to hate his guts and believe […]

  • A Theory About Personality Disorders

    While I was writing yesterday’s post about personality disorders, I kind of came up with a theory of my own. That theory is that all of us likely fall somewhere on the spectrum of personality disorders – ALL of us. Granted, it is definitely to greater or lesser extents depending on your experiences, personality type, […]

  • Abstract Paintings Inspired by Toys

    Abstract Paintings Inspired by Toys

    The following two abstract gouache paintings were inspired by toys of all things. This first one was inspired by a random grouping of McDonald’s Shopkins toys (sort of like a toy still life painting): And this second painting was inspired by a Gingerbread-themed rubber ducky I won from a claw machine at the arcade: Both […]

  • Forever Intertwined

    Forever Intertwined

    Does the popcorn make the movie and the beer make the bar? When you willfully separate that which has been forever intertwined, does the sum of its parts create something new or do you simply destroy all parties involved? ~ Maranda Russell

  • The Idea of People

    The Idea of People

    The Idea of People Written By: Maranda Russell I love the idea of people, but I must admit the reality often fails to meet my high expectations.

  • Trying out new artistic styles – mixed media collage featuring naive, folk and pop art inspirations

    So lately my artistic style has kind of taken some interesting turns. I tend to bore with styles quickly so I try out lots of new stuff, some that works, some that frankly doesn’t. Lately I’ve been playing around with mixed media collage techniques, using my love of cartoons, favorite characters and naive child-like art […]