Day 7 – Getting Healthy with Chronic Pain Diary

Ended up in the emergency room last night because my hand was hurting so bad and bruising up. Luckily there is no fracture, but man is it bruised, swollen, and painful! Guess I’ll be taking it easy today, icing it a lot, and no bike riding ūüė¶ Feeling a little bit down because of it all, but not super depressed. I’ll just keep trying, even when hurdles are thrown in my way. Wish I could take some more ibuprofen, but it is starting to upset my stomach again, so guess I’ll stick to Tylenol.

Day 6 – Getting healthy with chronic pain diary

  • I knew I was overdo for an injury…went for a short electric bike ride again and everything went great, until I got home, went to park the bike, stumbled, and then fell, with the bike falling on top of me (and electric bikes are heavy!). I seem to have most seriously hurt my right hand, especially around the 2nd finger. Hoping it is just a sprain and will heal ok on its own. Even with all that going on, I still went for a walk with my husband at the local park to get the rest of my exercise for the day in. Persistence baby!
  • Also saw the migraine doctor today. Yet more CGRP blockers he wants me to try (Nurtec & Qulipta). I’ll try them, but the one I was already on (Emgality) quit working and was causing nasty side effects. At least the new ones he gave me are pills, not injections, so I won’t be stuck with them in my system for a month if they give me negative side effects. I can’t help but wonder if it is really a great idea to block something the body naturally produces anyway. Even though CGRP does some negative stuff to the body, it does some positive stuff as well.
  • I also applied online to get a prescription for low dose Naltrexone from AgelessRx. I’ve heard many, many good things about low dose Naltrexone for chronic pain relief and have to at least give it a try. My doctor wouldn’t prescribe it (their office doesn’t prescribe it at all), so I found one who would!

It’s been awhile…but I’m back!

I haven’t been able to write¬†a blog post the last few days due to the fact that I sprained my rhombus muscle (the muscle that connects your arm to your spine).¬† Needless to say, the pain was intense and between that and the fact that the muscle relaxers and pain killers the doctor gave me put me to sleep, I haven’t exactly been in the mood to write.¬†

However…I do have some good news!¬† Just this past week I landed a ghostwriting job for a client that publishes educational material for elementary schools.¬† I’m happy about this because I’ve been dying to break into the children’s publishing industry, so I figure the experience (and the money) will be great for my career.¬† I won’t have my name published on the material, but I do get paid good money and can get a good reference and relevant experience¬†to add to my bio.

No more news about my picture book that is being considered for publication.¬† They said that they usually make final decisions in June about which picture books¬†they are publishing in the upcoming year.¬†¬†When the¬†editor last emailed me she said “talk to you in June”, so I’m hoping that is a good sign!