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  • The Most Successful Blogs on WordPress

    Have you ever noticed that some of the biggest blogs on WordPress focus mostly on telling other bloggers how to “make it as a blogger” and “grow your blog quickly”? I noticed this a while ago myself. It makes sense, people are most likely to read a blog that posts information they find useful and […]

  • I Want to Embrace Positivity and Raise My Vibration

    Lately I’ve been thinking that I really want to embrace positivity and “raise my vibration” as they say in spiritual circles. I want to fear life less and feel more secure in who I am. I want to learn how to extend the dedication and loyalty to myself that I so easily give to those […]

  • Wordless Wednesday – At the Park After a Tornado

    (Ok, I’m breaking the wordless rule, but these pictures were taken yesterday at a local park that was hit hard by a tornado recently. I still found some beauty to share though!)

  • “I Matter” ACEO Artwork

    I was feeling really depressed when I made this mixed media ACEO artist trading card. I originally wrote “I don’t matter” because that was how I was feeling, but after finishing the abstract artwork, I decided I didn’t want to leave such a negative message permanently. So, I took out my black pen, marked out […]

  • Micropoetry: 3 Elfchen Poems

    Recently I discovered Elfchen poems, which are 5-line poems that follow this pattern: Line 1 – 1 word Line 2 – 2 words Line 3 – 3 words Line 4 – 4 words Line 5 – 1 word (different than the first line word) It is also common to take the last word of someone […]

  • Wordless Wednesday: New ACEO Mixed Media Collages

    (Currently for sale on my Ebay store)

  • What is Your Great Work?

    Recently I was reading a book about glamour magic. I read a lot of books about paganism and mystical spiritual paths, because even though I consider myself an agnostic, I also believe there are many, many things we don’t understand and I enjoy delving into the mysteries and deeper meanings found in spirituality and mythology. […]

  • Gratitude and Positivity Only!

    Aren’t these “namaste/praying” skeleton and black cat figurines I found at Michael’s cute? They had an entire line of both skeletons and black cats doing various yoga poses and I had to pick up a couple of them. I picked these two because I love how this pose represents gratitude and a peaceful heart. Some […]

  • Poetic Art #2 – Shadows and the Sun

    “I live for these days, when colors abound and truth can be found in the shadows and the sun.” Check out my art for sale at my Ebay store!

  • I am an Emotional Writer

    I am an emotional writer. I write from whatever my current point of view and mood dictates. Often my writing may be entirely contradictory or may not even represent my general consensus on a given subject, but is instead a snapshot of a moment in time. Reading through my journal entries and blog posts may […]