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  • That Kind of Girl

    That Kind of Girl

    I’m the kind of girl who is content to sit on a dirty street curb, eating chocolate covered cherries and pretending to smoke while everyone else prepares for work. I’m the kind of girl who will throw on an old Pac-Man t-shirt, leave without brushing her hair and then run full blast through the neighbor’s […]

  • Trolls


    I simply don’t care when trolls wander by. Let them take their pointed pick axes and character hatchets and keep on walking. If I wait long enough, ignoring their grump, sooner or later they’ll go back to their dank underground. ~Maranda Russell

  • My Story in 59 Words

    My Story in 59 Words

    My Story in 59 Words Written By: Maranda Russell I am a product of the heartland, and many years of dedication. I am a survivor of abuse, and the proud parent of creation. I am separate from my family, but still trust their education. I hear earth’s voices unite in song, and join their recitation. […]

  • So…6 Days in the Hospital: What I Learned

    Hello everyone! Well, yesterday I finally got to go home after spending 6 days in the hospital. Spending any time in the hospital isn’t the most pleasant way to spend time, so 6 days there certainly isn’t a party. However, some good did come out of the experience. For one thing, the original problem (horrible […]

  • A Chance to Support a New Children’s Book Publisher!

    Hello everyone! Just a quick post today to share a new YouTube video from my toy & book channel. In this video I had the pleasure to support a new children’s book publisher who I am proud to even have an affiliate link with! “Grandpa and Me” is a fun family tale that teaches the […]

  • The Meaning of Age

    The Meaning of Age

    What is the meaning of age? Is it wisdom? Only if the time has been spent wisely. Is it growth? Only if given room and nourishment to grow. Is it peace of mind? Only if all has been found within. Is it neglect? Only if the choice is made to turn away. Is it irrelevance? […]

  • On the Railway

    On the Railway Written by: Maranda Russell On the railway, no one studies your face. No grief is given, but neither is grace. The wheels are loud, and the engine is hot, bringing to mind all things better forgot. With the changing landscapes, and nature’s colorful hue, remember this thought that will always ring true: […]

  • Video: New ACEO Artworks! Lots of Mixed Media Collages!

    Hi everyone! This is just a short post to share a recent video I made showing off some of my newest ACEO art trading card artworks (both those I make and sell and those I have collected from other artists!) I love the world of miniature art and hope others get into the hobby too! […]

  • 5 reasons why I’m glad I left fundamentalist Christiandom behind

    Before I get into my list, first I want to state that not all people considered fundamentalists or conservatives are like the fundamentalist Christianity I am most familiar with. I’ve known some evangelical Christians who are extremely kind, loving people. However, I grew up and struggled with a very strict religious tradition (where women weren’t allowed to wear […]

  • Seeing kindness, sacrifice and love in a Wendy’s dining room

    I must look like an approachable person, because I often get random strangers coming up to me and starting the oddest conversations or just saying random things out of the blue. This often happens when I am having lunch at a fast food restaurant for some reason. I have had strangers come up to me and say […]