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  • A Couple Short Instagram Poems

    Hope you liked these! If you don’t already! Please follow me on Instagram!

  • PlannerGirl2020 – Planning It All Out

    I’ve never really been one to do the whole planner thing, but I see how much fun others seem to be having doing it on Instagram and their blogs, so I decided to give it a try. Yesterday I bought a simple but cute planner and a planner sticker kit, because I figured the cute […]

  • Micropoetry: 3 Elfchen Poems

    Recently I discovered Elfchen poems, which are 5-line poems that follow this pattern: Line 1 – 1 word Line 2 – 2 words Line 3 – 3 words Line 4 – 4 words Line 5 – 1 word (different than the first line word) It is also common to take the last word of someone […]

  • Goals for 2019 – Blog, Writing, Art

    I don’t set personal resolutions for New Years, but I do try to set some goals to try to reach the coming year, especially for my blog/social media, writing, and art. I did meet and even surpass some of the goals I set for 2018. For instance, I hoped to have 500 Instagram followers by […]

  • Anime Bunny Girl ACEO Drawing

    I was inspired by this Instagram photo¬†by the Instagram account lucifer.mob, to create my own abstract version of the image, so I used my art markers to do this ACEO drawing: It is definitely much different than the inspiring image, but I still think I caught the spirit of it well and I like my […]

  • Instagram – People Who Try Too Hard to Be Sexy and Cool

    When I joined Instagram a little while back, I originally started out trying to follow back everyone who followed me. My thinking was simple, if you are kind enough to support me, I want to support you. I still follow back many of my followers, but there are a couple kinds of profiles I have […]

  • Life Update: Weekend Trip, Nerdy Interests, Depression Lifting

    This weekend I am going out of town with my husband to celebrate our 15th anniversary, but I wanted to write a short post first just to let you all know how I’m doing. Fortunately, my depression has let up a little bit, and I think having this weekend to look forward to has helped. […]