Goodbye Letter to a Narcissist


Dear Narcissist,

What do you have to teach me? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Once I thought you did – you seemed so sophisticated and knowledgeable, but those were simply projections of the person you wished you could be. Inside you resides only a quivering emptiness. Every attempt to reach outside of yourself slowly sinks into the abyss, becoming forever lost within the caverns of what could have once been.

Now it is obvious it was never meant to be, and the time has come to move on. If only I could throw this endless, undying desire to be loved back in your face as you vacantly stare through me, always searching for your own reflection. I wish just once you could see only me. But even now, as I walk away, the only reflection mirrored in your eyes is yourself.

My Apology to God

During meditation time tonight, I got to thinking about forgiveness and love and ended up writing down a letter to God, in which I expressed all the things that are on my heart. The letter ended up taking the form of an apology…both for the things that I think I personally have done (willfully or unknowingly) and that the human race as a whole does. Of course, I know I have left much out, there is no way I could compile even a list of all the mistakes I’ve made, let alone the whole world, but I think this is a beginning…

Dear God,

I’m sorry that sometimes we are all just plain idiots.

I’m sorry that we often misrepresent you, without even meaning to.

I’m sorry that we fail to understand and apply even the simplest of your teachings, but have no trouble arguing about every little thing.

I’m sorry that we often ignore you, or even insult you.

I’m sorry that we try to make you fit into our own image or idea instead of really getting to know you.

I’m sorry that we are quick to anger, but slow to love.

But most of all –

I’m sorry that we have often trashed your beloved creation and not even cared.