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  • Poetry – Uncomfortable

    We are uncomfortable in this world not made for us. Divine providence? Grand design? Or just another cosmic punch line?

  • Stores Reopen Today!

    Here in Ohio, non-essential retail stores reopen today! I have been in a depressed funk this past week, so I plan to go out and try to cheer myself up. I know I want to go to the bookstore (bookstores, how I have missed you!) and probably Goodwill. Don’t worry, I will be cautious and […]

  • Poetry – Life Stages

    Dolls ponies kickball screaming bruise childhood Boys angst shame body confusion teenage Marriage work pretending big loss twenties Health Pain Drugs Homebody Silence thirties forties? fifties? sixties? yet to come

  • I Need a Break

    This is just a short note to let all my blog readers know that I need to take a break for a week or so. I’m feeling a bit burned out and things are stressful in my personal life right now (I had to take my husband to the ER yesterday because his back gave […]

  • Poetry – Nihilism in 3 Acts

    Act 1. I don’t know if being alive matters. Act 2. I don’t know if this world matters. Act 3. I don’t know if me being alive in this world matters. 

  • Poetry – God as a Fish

    Do you know how I picture God myself? As one single fish, enormous, creative, scattering millions of lucky little accidents like caviar – deep in his dark sea caverns, each tiny black marble waiting their turn to wash up on life’s sandy shore. (Want to help support this blog?)

  • Wanting to Be Special

    Do you feel “special”? Do you long to feel special? It seems to me that people strive so hard to be special, to be exceptional. Ordinary is for losers…or at least that is the message we seem to get from society. I’ll admit that I share this obsession. Maybe part of my problem started with […]

  • Poetry – Make It Up As We Go

    You read faster than I can turn the page, so I’ve learned how to make up the story as we go.

  • A Few Random Life Thoughts/Happenings

    The grief from losing my kitty is starting to ease a little bit. Still a big loss, but I’m trying to focus on the future and how to bring more good things into my life right now because it feels like I could really use some good things. Tonight I’m attending a poetry class at […]

  • Afraid of Living

    I am not afraid to die – but I am not yet unafraid of living. I’m not sure I have ever written truer words than the 3-line poem above. This little gem came to me while taking a bath last night, so I repeated it to myself like a mantra until I got out of […]