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  • Poetry – Sherlock Said

    Sherlock once told me, “One should keep the furniture put away in the library if they wish to hasten enlightenment, or satisfy an extreme love of solitude.”

  • Poetry – Katrina Van Tassel

    Woman daughter only child blooming lass plump and ripe rosy-cheeked coquette (A little poem inspired by the character from Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”)

  • Poetry – Tip Her

    (The following slightly risque poem was inspired by a passage from Ulysses by James Joyce, which turned out to be a lot dirtier (and nonsensical) than I thought it would be lol.) Stop. Knocking. Silly man! Want women by the score? Quit throwing flowers at their feet and singing sappy songs outside in your feathered […]

  • A Few More Favorite Christmas Gifts From the Hubby

    Hi everyone! I already showed you my adorable stuffed Scar, but thought I would share a few other favorite gifts from my husband (Steve) this year. First, we have this Halloween wreath that he actually made for me (for years I have been telling him I wanted a Halloween wreath): The best thing about this […]

  • Poetry – Money for Liberty

    (I wrote this new little poem the other day and have had a hard time deciding if it should just be shortened to contain the first stanza only, or if it is better with both. I figured I would share it with you guys and see if anyone had an opinion. Should I keep it […]

  • Poetry – A Handful of Haiku

    1. Literary foes – poetry and drama show villains in us all 2. Feminine essence: pleasing full moon glow upon newly burst lilies 3. Immortal halo once crafted for an angel, my head now weighed down

  • Poetry: Raising the Devil

    Her last three footsteps raised the devil. At the sight of her, hell surrendered – besieged by the spirits of plunder and confiscation. (Another blackout poem inspired by A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens)

  • Poetry: Nightlights

    I got a new blackout poetry journal that uses classic literature to inspire new works of poetry. This first one is my attempt at making original poetry from a random page of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan: Nightlights My love, were not all natural dreams forgotten? The skeleton crawled about the floor, rattled up the chimney, […]

  • Poetry: A Bit of Lewis Carroll Nonsense

    A Bit of Lewis Carroll Nonsense By: Maranda Russell The serious ones and the bonkers ones are rare birds telling tales of biscuits and chewed pencils served with curry and elegance – a feast which you can chew on for ten whole years.

  • Original Art from My JRR Tolkien Adult Coloring Book

    The past couple days I’ve been in the mood to do some adult coloring. Using my Tolkien’s World adult coloring book that I received from a friend, I used my art markers and other art supplies to finish these two pictures of a raven and a vampire bat, which I felt would fit the Halloween […]