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  • Poetry – Country Music

    Country music soothing, sympathetic – acoustic guitar with a twang. Striking the heart – squeezing it like a juicer until the tears cleanse the wound.

  • Poetry – Tip Her

    (The following slightly risque poem was inspired by a passage from Ulysses by James Joyce, which turned out to be a lot dirtier (and nonsensical) than I thought it would be lol.) Stop. Knocking. Silly man! Want women by the score? Quit throwing flowers at their feet and singing sappy songs outside in your feathered […]

  • Poetry – While We Lay Together

    The rhythm of the dryer is soothing. As the clothing tumbles, I hear a high-pitched ping – like coins shaken in a pocket, and the heavy thump of footless shoes.

  • Poetry – Make It Up As We Go

    You read faster than I can turn the page, so I’ve learned how to make up the story as we go.

  • Poetry – This Mental Love

    I pour myself out, a puddle of libation on the floor… If any of my fancies ever pleased you, I beg of you to accept the mental influences at work. My affection may be disputable, but it was never plagiarized. Of my loyalty, none could fairly doubt, as my poverty is a witness to my […]

  • Poetry: Second First Love

    I hated you the first time we met. You had replaced my old love before I had the chance to even say goodbye. You dared to appear right as he vanished – and for that you had to take the blame.

  • Star Trek Exhibit Highlights at Indianapolis Children’s Museum

    Over the weekend my husband and I visited Indianapolis to see the Star Trek exhibit at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. My husband was in heaven lol. I was there. I did find a few fun things to concentrate on though. I annoyed my husband by sitting in the captain’s chair like this: My personal favorite […]

  • CFS/ME Flare Up and Park Outing

    It’s been a rough week physically. I had a CFS/ME flare-up, which feels a lot like mono if you’ve ever had that, or the worse flu you can imagine. During these flare-ups, I run a fever, my body aches horribly, I feel too exhausted to move, too exhausted to breathe, and if I sit up […]

  • Valentine’s Day 2019 Gifts – Lots of Unicorns!

    I had a good Valentine’s Day yesterday! My husband and I went to Fazoli’s for a casual dinner because we just don’t find it worth it to go to nice restaurants on Valentine’s Day when it is so ridiculously busy and packed. We will go to a nice dinner in a few days when it […]

  • Valentine Sticker ACEO Trading Card Collages

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I bought some Valentine stickers at Dollar Tree recently and decided to make some ACEO collages with them. Here are the finished results: My favorites are the food themed ones. I thought those were really unusual for Valentine’s themed stickers. I always like to find the weird, different stuff! You can find […]