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  • New Poetry & Short Prose Chapbook on Kindle!

    Hey guys 🙂 I finally got down to work and published a new poetry & short prose chapbook on Amazon called “Can’t Keep Me Down“. It is currently only available as an ebook for Kindle, but the price is pretty good ($.99 or FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited)! As the description on the Amazon […]

  • Poetry – Scrambled Savior

    I meant to share this poem around Easter, but forgot. Guess I had too much going on. This poem just sort of wrote itself, with the images of both the commercial and sacred aspects of the holiday mixing together in my mind. It is not meant to be offensive to religion, but instead, to compare […]

  • “I Matter” ACEO Artwork

    I was feeling really depressed when I made this mixed media ACEO artist trading card. I originally wrote “I don’t matter” because that was how I was feeling, but after finishing the abstract artwork, I decided I didn’t want to leave such a negative message permanently. So, I took out my black pen, marked out […]

  • 3 New Elfchen Poems – Rock On, Ephemeral, Projection

    Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and haven’t been feeling too good anyhow, so thought I would post tonight. Here are a few more elfchen poems for your reading pleasure (with a few slight poetry form rule breaks lol): 1. Woosh! Down the electric slide feet first and head banging. Rock on! 2. Captivating, moonlight […]

  • St. Patrick’s Day ACEO Art Cards

    Here are a couple St. Patrick’s Day themed ACEO artist trading cards. I think my personal favorite is the second one, although I think they both turned out ok. Find these and more art for sale on my Ebay store!

  • Twittering Tales #123 – Valentine’s Candy

    Today was a rather stressful day since I had an appointment with my lawyer for my SSDI hearing next week, so I didn’t have time to plan a full post, but I did want to participate again in the Twittering Tales picture prompt by Kat Myrman. As I explained last week, this writing challenge is […]

  • New Children’s Ebook for Sale on Amazon: “No More Grumpies!”

    Yesterday I published a new illustrated children’s short story ebook on Amazon! It is called “No More Grumpies!“, and is a fun story about a little boy who just can’t shake the grumpies. Here is the official book description: Michael is having a very grumpy day. His mother keeps warning him that there will be […]

  • New ACEO Artist Trading Cards Collages and Painting

    These and more can be found for sale on my Ebay store!

  • Kindle Direct Publishing’s New Reporting System and Some Author Updates!

    Yesterday I logged into my Kindle Direct Publishing account on Amazon and while looking at the reports, noticed there is a new “beta” reporting program they are working on that I could test (the picture above shows the new graphing, with part of the book breakdown below). I checked it out and it is WAY […]

  • New Scrapbooking Themed ACEO Artist Trading Cards

    I have a ton of scrapbooking/cardmaking accessories, so decided to use a few of them to make some ACEO artist trading cards: (You can find these and more for sale on my Ebay store!)