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  • How to Respond to Mean Comments

    How do you respond to “mean” or seemingly insulting comments that you receive on your blog or social media? Sometimes I’m not even sure if a reply is meant to be insulting, so I try to give the person posting it the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes there is no doubt. Here are a […]

  • Wordless Wednesday – Say What You Will

    (Art for sale on my Ebay store)

  • I Refuse to Be a Social Media Doormat!

    Yesterday I had to make a choice to unfriend someone on Facebook, a choice that I hate to have to make, but am finding more necessary as time goes on. The person I ended up unfriending was an editor and small publisher I had worked with in the past, so there was a little bit […]

  • Things I Would REALLY Like to Say to My Past Abusers

    I don’t owe you anything! I’m nothing like you. You don’t own me and you never did. You deserve what you got. Sometimes I feel nothing for you. You are at fault for so much. You have no one to blame but yourself. You are lucky to have anyone who still cares. I’m a saint […]

  • Trolls


    I simply don’t care when trolls wander by. Let them take their pointed pick axes and character hatchets and keep on walking. If I wait long enough, ignoring their grump, sooner or later they’ll go back to their dank underground. ~Maranda Russell