Tag: memories

  • My Uncle is Dying

    A blog post about the sadness I feel about my uncle being put on hospice care and expected to die soon.

  • Poetry – Memory Collector

    I collect memories, or perhaps, more accurately, they collect me. They’ve taken over the bed and the bedroom. They’ve wandered down the hall to congregate in the guest room. Still too crowded, some migrate to the couch, the stove, and the fridge. A few have even taken up swimming in the bathtub or driving my […]

  • Poetry – Americana

    I take photos as we drive down the highway. A panorama featuring a red Coca Cola truck, a Tim Horton’s billboard (cheap coffee!), at least 50 gray Amazon Prime vans, another family business with shutters drawn and darkened marquee – all a testament to the empty promises of a cold, commercialized system.

  • Childhood Dreams Realized

    You know one awesome aspect of being an adult who collects toys? You can make your childhood dreams come true by buying yourself the toys you wanted most while a kid but never got for one reason or another. One doll I desperately wanted as a little kid was a Kid Sister doll. For some […]

  • My Sister Would Have Been 43 Today

    Today my sister would have turned 43 if she hadn’t prematurely ended her life around 8 years ago. I still miss her deeply. Part of me is glad she is out of pain, as she struggled horribly with mental illness, physical pain, and serious addiction issues, but most of me just wishes things would have […]

  • Poetry: Unspeakable Childhood

    ‘Twas horrible to think that she suffered an unspeakable childhood. Every day they reopened the contentions – old ones that she could not tear away. Mischief and dread became more likely than right and wrong – causing heads to hit hard against circumstances almost as good as she once was. (Blackout poetry created from a […]

  • Complicated Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day always creates such a barrage of mixed emotions for me. There was a lot of trauma, abuse, mental illness, and foolish decisions that marked my childhood. My mother was far from a perfect parent. Luckily, she does admit to that and seems to be really trying to be a better person now, but […]

  • When Friends Say Cruel Things It Sticks With You

    It is strange how negative words can stay with us for a lifetime and hurt long after they are spoken. Today, I was reminded of a conversation I had way back in middle school. My friends and I were having a conversation about birth order statistics and how the oldest is often the smartest and […]

  • I Miss Having Kids Around

    Today my husband and I went to go see one of his students dance in a special recital: Seeing all the cute little kids dressed up in their costumes and dancing made me really miss having kids around. I used to be almost constantly surrounded by kids between foster parenting, volunteering with the kids at […]

  • Poetry: Second First Love

    I hated you the first time we met. You had replaced my old love before I had the chance to even say goodbye. You dared to appear right as he vanished – and for that you had to take the blame.