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  • New ACEO Abstract art

    Here’s a few “spin art” ACEO artist trading cards I recently listed for sale on my Ebay store. The paint kind of left a little bit of a cracked effect on some of them, which I actually kind of like. Which is your favorite?

  • New Fun, Cute Sticker Collages

    Here are a few fun, cute ACEO (2.5″ x 3.5″) sticker collages I made a while ago. My personal favorite is probably the polar bears one, but I think they are all cute in their own way: See all my art for sale on my Ebay store!

  • I Won 3rd Place in Another Art Contest!

    I got some great news yesterday! The above artwork won 3rd place in the “Finding Your Inner MozArt” art contest! I get $75 in prize money plus whatever the piece sells for, so not bad! I think the best part for me personally though, is that the head judge is the Director Emeritis of the […]

  • 2 Vintage ACEO Artworks: Edgar Allan Poe and Victorian Shoes

    Here are a couple more vintage-themed ACEO artist trading cards. Both are mixed media pieces. The first one here features paper with an Edgar Allan Poe stamp in the background, so I had to feature that! I thought the scissors looked kind of cool with it too. Then I painted over it with oil pastel […]

  • ACEO Artist Trading Cards – Unicorn, Castle, and Cupcakes

    $3 each, find these and more art for sale on my Ebay store!

  • St. Patrick’s Day ACEO Art Cards

    Here are a couple St. Patrick’s Day themed ACEO artist trading cards. I think my personal favorite is the second one, although I think they both turned out ok. Find these and more art for sale on my Ebay store!

  • Abstract ACEO Artworks – Oil Pastel & Markers

    Lately I’ve been in an abstract art frame of mind. I created the following ACEO artist trading cards with a mixture of textured papers and either oil pastel or art markers. I hope you like them! If you would like to buy one of these artworks or want to see what others I currently have […]

  • Valentine Sticker ACEO Trading Card Collages

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I bought some Valentine stickers at Dollar Tree recently and decided to make some ACEO collages with them. Here are the finished results: My favorites are the food themed ones. I thought those were really unusual for Valentine’s themed stickers. I always like to find the weird, different stuff! You can find […]

  • 2 Colorful Kitty ACEO Collages

    I’m feeling pretty down in the dumps as I am still struggling with migraines and neck pain, but thought I would share some cheerful art in an attempt to cheer myself up as well as anyone else who needs a lift. The following two ACEO (artist trading card) collages feature cute kitty puffy stickers that […]

  • New ACEO Artist Trading Cards Collages and Painting

    These and more can be found for sale on my Ebay store!