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  • 3 New Elfchen Poems – Rock On, Ephemeral, Projection

    Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and haven’t been feeling too good anyhow, so thought I would post tonight. Here are a few more elfchen poems for your reading pleasure (with a few slight poetry form rule breaks lol): 1. Woosh! Down the electric slide feet first and head banging. Rock on! 2. Captivating, moonlight […]

  • Poetry – Master of Time

    Master of Time By: Maranda Russell Make the closed circuits and tinker with the channels. Embrace the metal of your own making as well as that of the Gods. Hold the pocket watch of eternity in your shaking hands and watch as time starts to run backwards. Today is the past, yesterday, the future.

  • Poetry: Jasper

    Jasper By: Maranda Russell Stone formed from drops of Christ’s blood, the martyr’s gem from legends of old – jasper stained with red flecks, forever falling from the foot of the cross.

  • Poetry – Holy Warriors

    Holy Warriors By: Maranda Russell Holy warriors learn a lesson today. Their distorted agenda rightly condemns one righteous man setting a fire beyond their own narrow audience – but – to the best of my knowledge – this will be a one-time exception.

  • A Few More Six Word Stories

    I enjoy taking prompts and writing six word stories. I find it challenging to come up with something truly original and attention grabbing with only a handful of words. Here are a few more I wrote just for fun: Prompt: Quarrel I often quarrel with my squirrel. Prompt: Introduce Introduce me to your soul asylum. […]

  • Short Poetry – Poured Out

    Poured Out By: Maranda Russell Why do I feel like my poetry sucks? I try to write, only to find myself empty, poured out like milk and starting to curdle.

  • Poetry – Anxiety Lament

    Anxiety Lament By: Maranda Russell Clenched teeth and clenched fists accompany defiant eyes. I have high expectations but I avoid them all. Sick in the stomach, sick in the head, sick of this life. I would cry, but I never penciled it in today.

  • Fun 6 Word Story Writing Prompts

    I must admit that I stole these 6 word story writing prompts from one of my favorite WordPress bloggers, Therapy Bits. I’m not sure where she gets these prompts, or if she makes them up herself, but I thought they looked like a lot of fun, so I started borrowing a few of them just […]

  • Poetry: Sleeping Poetic Genius

    Sleeping Poetic Genius By: Maranda Russell I wrote a poem in my sleep last night. The words, colors, and images now blur in my mind. I try to pin them down, only to have them wiggle away like a puppy desperate to escape a confining embrace. The poem was grand, of this I am sure. […]

  • Short Poetry – Doubt Lingers

    I love short poetry, it is actually my favorite kind of poetry. There is something magical about being able to express a truth, or paint a vivid image, with only a few words. So, when I woke up today with these few lines echoing in my head, I had to write them down and share: […]