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  • Angry at the Grass

    Angry at the Grass

    The grass waves at me but I don’t feel like greeting it back. Must be so simple to just sway in the wind, no worries no cares, everything you have the sun painted on your back. It almost makes me glad you’ll soon be mown down. ~ Maranda Russell

  • Tumbleweed


    Like a tumbleweed rolls, I careen end over end through life. Never stopping, never knowing what I’ll collide with next. ~Maranda Russell

  • Adult Coloring is Art

    Adult Coloring is Art

    In my opinion, adult coloring is art, and it does take at least some artistic talent to create a visually appealing adult coloring book picture. Of course, I’m probably biased since lately adult coloring has been a hobby I’ve been into, but since several people have bought pieces I colored from my Ebay store, I […]

  • Greedy By Nature

    Greedy By Nature

    One night as I sat watching a nature documentary about some ugly species of bird (from God knows where), I grasped an interesting insight into animal nature. Between the expected images of birds diligently working to provide for themselves and their families, they suddenly cut to footage of a few immoral, yet cunning birds sneaking […]

  • Therapy that works

    To be honest, I’m not big on conventional therapy. Now, that does not mean that I don’t think some people benefit from it or even need it, but I don’t believe it works for everyone. For myself, perhaps it doesn’t work as well because I have already read so many psychology and self help books […]

  • Those magical little moments that make life worthwhile

    For the last few days, my husband and I have been out of town, attempting to squeeze in a little vacation before summer ends. We didn’t go too far away from home, just enough to see some new sights and break up the monotony of our normal routine. While away, I bought a new book […]

  • Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh My!

    Ok, so I didn’t see an African lion today, but I did see a mountain lion, a couple different kinds of bears and some Bengal tigers.  Where did all this take place?  At Heaven’s Corner, a little animal rescue sanctuary not far from where we live.  This isn’t our first time visiting, in fact, we […]