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  • PTSD and After Effects of Abusive Relationships

    A couple nights ago I was feeling so confused and conflicted inside that I started to feel a little bit claustrophobic. Some of you may not understand that feeling if you’ve never had it yourself, but it is something I have experienced more than once when the emotional and rational parts of my brain just […]

  • Rejection Issues – Am I Overreacting?

    I tend to be an overly sensitive person who easily feels rejected or uncared for by people who may not actually mean to make me feel that way. I know I have some self-esteem issues and take things personally too often. Right now there is a situation that is leaving me wondering if I am […]

  • The Most Humiliating Experience of My Life

    Today I’m doing something rare for me…two posts in one day! I didn’t plan to post this second entry today, but I feel compelled to do so and get something off my chest that I’m tired of hiding. For a long time I debated whether to tell my real story or not, because even when […]

  • Bipolar or Borderline? Part 1

    Bipolar or Borderline? Part 1

    Although I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar type 2 mood disorder, honestly, I wonder myself if it might not be Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) instead, or even in addition. The reason I say this is that so many of the stories of other Borderlines hit close to home and so do the symptoms. My greatest […]

  • The Meaning of Age

    The Meaning of Age

    What is the meaning of age? Is it wisdom? Only if the time has been spent wisely. Is it growth? Only if given room and nourishment to grow. Is it peace of mind? Only if all has been found within. Is it neglect? Only if the choice is made to turn away. Is it irrelevance? […]