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  • Poetry: Waffle House at 3am

    Waffle House at 3am By: Maranda Russell Waffle House at 3 am is not the place to make a scene. It doesn’t matter if your heart is broken, if your brother just ran off with your boyfriend, or if you want to punch that smarmy cook right in the left testicle. Stringy hashbrowns cover a […]

  • Poetic Art #1 – Sleep Through Our Nightmares

    “Night, and the evening comes, while we all struggle to sleep through our nightmares.” (Check out my art for sale on Ebay!)

  • New ACEO Artworks! Fireworks & Wedding Themes

    The past few days have been rough, due to my back going out again, so I haven’t been in the mood to write much, but I figured I would share a couple ACEO artworks I made this week. The first is just an explosion of color and motion. It makes me think of fireworks, which […]

  • New ACEO Sticker Collage Artist Trading Cards

    I’m still on a bit of a sticker collage kick as far as art goes, so I made a few more ACEO size ones to sell on my ebay store. I have another Lisa Frank themed one, a My Little Pony one, a Peter Pan one, and one made from just patterns and textured stickers. […]

  • I Got My Reborn Baby Doll!

    I Got My Reborn Baby Doll!

    I got my first reborn baby doll in the mail yesterday! Now, as I mentioned in my first post about buying the doll, I didn’t buy one of the ones that is hundreds of dollars, so it isn’t as lifelike as many of the higher priced ones are, but I still really like her! She […]

  • ArtSnacks March 2018 Subscription Box Review

    ArtSnacks March 2018 Subscription Box Review

    First off, I want to let everyone know this will actually be the last ArtSnacks subscription box I will review. Honestly, I just didn’t feel like I was getting enough use out of it for the cost. I feel like I’m better off just shopping the discount art supplies at local shops. I did subscribe […]

  • New ACEO Drawings/Paintings: Maps to Creativity!

    New ACEO Drawings/Paintings: Maps to Creativity!

    Here are a couple of my newest ACEO alcohol marker drawings/paintings. Since someone said that one of my last artworks reminded them of a map, I decided to specifically make a couple that were “map-like” to my mind. I like the way they turned out: As always, you can find my current art for sale […]

  • My Weird Psychiatrist Makes Me Laugh

    Everything went fine yesterday with the psychiatrist. I tried to bring up everything that I mentioned yesterday in my post, although to be honest, my psychiatrist is a little bit of a weirdo (but in a good way), so often what he says kind of throws me for loop and has me wondering “what the […]

  • Primitive Abstract Painting

    Primitive Abstract Painting

    One type of art I have always liked and enjoyed creating is symbolic or simply abstract art with interesting lines and shapes. This oil pastel ACEO painting is a good example. This pattern or symbol or whatever you want to call it doesn’t have a specific meaning since it was just a creation of my […]