One of my favorite illustrators of all time!

Warning:  If you are not into children’s books, illustrations, art or old things, this post may very well bore you to death.  Of course, if you want to take the chance, please keep reading!!!

Recently I found a collection of Eloise Wilkin’s Little Golden Book stories.  The collection includes nine of Wilkin’s most treasured stories, but didn’t come close to covering all of the work that Eloise did during her lifetime.  Some of you may be thinking, “Who in the world is Eloise Wilkin?”, but maybe you will recognize some of the Golden Book stories she illustrated, such as:

Busy Timmy

My Little Golden Book About God

A Child’s Garden of Verses

Baby Dear

Guess Who Lives Here

Wonders of Nature

We Help Mommy

We Help Daddy

The Treasury of Prayers From Around the World

The Christmas Story

Baby’s Mother Goose

Still not recalling her?  Maybe you will recognize her illustrations below.  If so, I hope they bring back great memories.  If not, I hope you will check out her work!