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  • Timid Tears and Fearless Frowns

    Timid Tears and Fearless Frowns

    Have you ever had a timid tear lace its way down your cheek and then hide ‘neath your ear? Or tried to smile – only to find a fearless frown that refuses to mind? ~ Art and Poetry by Maranda Russell

  • At the Crossroads

    At the Crossroads

    You string me along like floss then toss me away like a song. You want me only when it’s convenient – when your pastel world loses color and you need me to brighten the walls. But now I see your game – I’m wise to your disguise. Not afraid to walk away, I leave you […]

  • Bulging Discs, Traction, and Pain Management

    Bulging Discs, Traction, and Pain Management

    Well, I found out yesterday that as well as having degenerative disc disease throughout my cervical and thoracic spine, I also have a bulging disc that is pressing on the nerves surrounding it and likely causing most of the excruciating upper back pain I have been experiencing for several years now. The doctor wants me […]

  • Blah Painting for a Blah Day

    Blah Painting for a Blah Day

    Kind of a blah, muddled painting for a blah, muddled day. Just not feeling it today…any of it. Really tempted to go back to bed, but I already slept 11 hours or so. I can always tell when I’m super depressed because I sleep A LOT. The normal 8 hours of sleep becomes 12 hours […]

  • Turtle in a Half Shell Gouache Abstract Painting

    Turtle in a Half Shell Gouache Abstract Painting

    I affectionately call this abstract ACEO painting “Turtle in a Half Shell”. Now how many of you have the TMNT theme song stuck in your head? You’re welcome 🙂

  • Oil Pastel Abstract Expressionism Painting

    Oil Pastel Abstract Expressionism Painting

    If you follow my art long enough, you’ll probably be able to tell that I love abstract expressionism and that black is my favorite color (I always run out of black paint long before any other color). Above is an oil pastel ACEO painting I did recently (already sold) that kind of shows both of […]

  • Suicidal Ideations

    *Note: I wrote this a while back and am not currently feeling suicidal, but I thought it might be interesting to share this poem as it does illustrate a real mental struggle I have dealt with on and off for many years. Suicidal Ideations If I only had a dollar for every time I have […]

  • Wordless Wednesday: Sunset City

    Wordless Wednesday: Sunset City
  • 2 Mixed Media Collages: Poetry, Fashion & Social Media

    2 Mixed Media Collages: Poetry, Fashion & Social Media

    I made the following two ACEO art trading card mixed media collages recently (which have already sold). My personal favorite is the first one, because of the interesting contrast of classic poetry and brash, high-fashion boots. For the second one, I wanted to do a social media themed piece, but make it fun and playful.

  • Girl Scout Inspired ACEO Art Trading Card

    Girl Scout Inspired ACEO Art Trading Card

    Not too long ago, I bought a Girl Scout rag doll from Goodwill that came with a packet of Girl Scout stickers. I decided to try to make an artwork out of the stickers and ended up making this mixed media ACEO collage. I like the way it turned out, hope you do too!