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  • Fighting Fear

    Fighting Fear Written by: Maranda Russell I took fear by the hand and shook him until I heard the sound of his yellow bones popping in and out of place. I pushed him down the stairs, his skull cracking against the white, stone steps on his way to the finale. He hit the basement floor, […]

  • New Videos! Artworks for Sale & My DNA Genealogy Test Results!

    Hello! I had a couple videos I wanted to make sure I shared with my blog readers! The first is just another look at some of my newest artworks and what inspired them (quite a few of them already sold!): Also, I decided to do one of those DNA genealogy tests for fun, just to […]

  • Abstract Art Kick – Delving into the Dark

    Lately, I’ve been on an abstract art kick. For several reasons. The first and foremost reason is probably because abstract art is just pure fun! It often feels more like playing than work. It is a great way to rediscover that childhood sense of wonder and vivid imagination that we all once had but may […]

  • 5 things I love about being an artist

    Since I recently wrote a blog post about “5 things that can suck about being an artist”, I thought it would be good to balance it out with 5 things I absolutely LOVE about being an artist! 1) Getting to work mostly at home, whenever and wherever I desire and in whatever clothing I desire […]

  • 5 things that can suck about being an artist

    1) No matter how many artworks you create or sell, there is always this niggling voice in the back of your head asking, “Am I really talented or is all this a fluke? What if my artistic muse abandons me and I never make another meaningful work of art?” 2) There is a point in […]

  • My new passion for ACEO artwork

    Lately I have really gotten into the practice of collecting, creating and selling ACEO artwork (art card editions and originals). In case you don’t know what an ACEO is, it is a little trading card with original artwork or prints of original artwork on it. It is right around the same size as your typical […]

  • Encourage young artists, don’t criticize them

    I almost never became an artist. When I was in elementary school I hated art. I was convinced I was the worst artist in the world and in a report card of all A’s, art was often my only B and once I even got a C. So why was elementary art so awful? Simple, […]

  • Why I consider myself an outsider artist…and am proud to be one!

    For a while, I really struggled to find a place in the art world. I wasn’t sure where I fit in. I have no formal training (other than the art classes I had in elementary and middle school), so I am almost entirely self-taught. I have read some artistic “how to” books, but always tend […]