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  • On Paganism

    I came for the magick, the ceremony, the mystical – glittering amongst the crystals, candles, wands, and symbols. But it isn’t about that at all, is it? It is about essence, about the base elements that form everything in and outside of nature. It is about the history, the stories, and the heart lessons we […]

  • Poetry – To a Favorite Deity (Thoth)

    Thoth gave us words Thoth gave us magic Thoth was smart enough to know Both could be tragic.

  • Poetry – Of Gods and Men

    Rhea, Cronus and baby Zeus snuggle in the heart of Mount Olympus. Father plots infanticide, while son sleeps, dreaming world domination. Mother shakes her head and rolls her eyes yet again at the foolishness of men.

  • Poetry – The 2nd Chromosome

    fusion genetic engineering leads to consciousness? The creation and advancement of humanity in the palm of Enki? but beware the anger of Enlil at the loss of his slaves burns deep. now and forever banished from E.Din we strive.  

  • Logical Religious Thought Experiment

    Think this through: Why would any kind, loving, graceful deity demand the torture and death of something innocent in order to be able to bestow simple forgiveness for wrongs committed against them? Why would they create such a system? How would you feel about a human being who demanded the torture and death of an […]

  • A Few More Favorite Christmas Gifts From the Hubby

    Hi everyone! I already showed you my adorable stuffed Scar, but thought I would share a few other favorite gifts from my husband (Steve) this year. First, we have this Halloween wreath that he actually made for me (for years I have been telling him I wanted a Halloween wreath): The best thing about this […]

  • 2019 Yule Altar (So Far)

    I was excited as soon as Thanksgiving was over to put up my Yule altar. I’m not sure if this is the finished version for the season or not, but I liked the way it looked so far and thought I would share a pic: My favorite touches this year are the red Reindeer candle […]

  • Yule Colors This Year

    For Yule/Christmas this year, I’ve decided to do a black, white, and red color scheme. Here is the first bit of decorating I’ve done: I’ve always wanted a black Christmas tree, so I bought a two foot one, and then decorated it with white lights, red tinsel/star, and bulbs/ornaments in all three colors. Now I […]

  • For the Love of Anubis

    I took the above picture at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum we visited a couple weeks ago. Anubis has always been one of my favorite mythological Gods. Him and Bastet are definitely my favorite Egyptian gods/goddesses, although Thoth is up there on my list as well. In case you are unfamiliar with Anubis, he is the […]

  • Review of Netflix’s “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

    Last night I watched the first episode of the new Netflix series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, based on the comic books that also inspired the 90’s tv show Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I was a big fan of the 90’s show, so I have been waiting with excitement to check out the new series, […]