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  • Nihilism Soap. There’s Nothing. Like It.

  • Poetry – Uncomfortable

    We are uncomfortable in this world not made for us. Divine providence? Grand design? Or just another cosmic punch line?

  • Poetry – Nihilism in 3 Acts

    Act 1. I don’t know if being alive matters. Act 2. I don’t know if this world matters. Act 3. I don’t know if me being alive in this world matters. 

  • Wanting to Be Special

    Do you feel “special”? Do you long to feel special? It seems to me that people strive so hard to be special, to be exceptional. Ordinary is for losers…or at least that is the message we seem to get from society. I’ll admit that I share this obsession. Maybe part of my problem started with […]

  • Poetry – Let Me Try Not to Think

    Let me try not to think. I want to remain dimly conscious of the fact that the bravest man amongst us will never overcome the innate fear he harbors towards himself.

  • What is Your “Why”?

    I love this quote by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” The trouble is, sometimes I’m not sure exactly what my “why” is. The most likely answer is my husband. I would say I stay alive for him when things are the most unlivable. […]

  • Poetry – Scrambled Savior

    I meant to share this poem around Easter, but forgot. Guess I had too much going on. This poem just sort of wrote itself, with the images of both the commercial and sacred aspects of the holiday mixing together in my mind. It is not meant to be offensive to religion, but instead, to compare […]

  • Micropoetry: 3 Elfchen Poems

    Recently I discovered Elfchen poems, which are 5-line poems that follow this pattern: Line 1 – 1 word Line 2 – 2 words Line 3 – 3 words Line 4 – 4 words Line 5 – 1 word (different than the first line word) It is also common to take the last word of someone […]

  • Poetry – Master of Time

    Master of Time By: Maranda Russell Make the closed circuits and tinker with the channels. Embrace the metal of your own making as well as that of the Gods. Hold the pocket watch of eternity in your shaking hands and watch as time starts to run backwards. Today is the past, yesterday, the future.

  • Water is Back! 800+ Blog Followers! Awesome Book Series!

    Hey everyone! There were a few random things I wanted to share today. First, an update about my water heater situation….we now have hot water again! I can shower, I can brush my teeth, and I can flush the toilet again! Woo-wee!!! We are out almost $2,000 though, so that part really sucks. Secondly, I […]