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  • Life is Pain

    Life is Pain

    Life is pain. And I don’t mean that in some philosophical bullshit way…(or maybe I do?) Life is pain, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or existential. The gentle yearning ache of a heart perpetually unfulfilled… The bittersweet bile of nostalgia creeping up one’s throat… The sharp bite of our unreliably aging bones… The mind-numbing […]

  • I Dreamed I Was Black Last Night

    I Dreamed I Was Black Last Night

    I had an interesting dream last night and thought I would share, partly just because I found it weird and wonder what it meant, and partly because I think maybe there was a pearl of wisdom to be found in it about race relations. In the dream my family and I were scared because a […]

  • Repaint the Ceiling

    Repaint the Ceiling

    “Repaint the Ceiling” Written by: Maranda Russell Waking up, I lay there and wonder how long it would take to repaint the ceiling? Maybe a subtle, powder blue, or a rolling green sea? A buttery yellow, or a soft and gentle lilac? Something to take the edge off on the nights I’m cut open and […]