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  • Poetry – Money and greed

    Money and greed a want or a need? Days spent chasing dollars robs life of vibrant colors. Nights alone, awash in possessions imprisons the brain with lonely obsessions. A lifetime building physical wealth takes a toll on mental health.

  • Poetry – Minor bouts of mania

    minor bouts of mania fun guy get things done depressed sit in dark room give me whatever I want clean the house contact reach out talkative grocery store line love me they all love me bulldoze you all

  • Poetry – please let me go

    Please let me go please let me go let me flicker out of existence for a while Let this heart still let this mind be silenced let these feelings fade until I can bear to face them again.

  • Poetry – Is there meaning here?

    Is there meaning here? I stare into space oblivious to all but my own numbness, hoping for a call – a beckoning voice to draw me back from the edge of my self-imposed exile. Drop the feathery gauze from these old, battered lenses and push me if necessary out of the warm niche carved long […]

  • Poetry – Why do i

    Why do I often find you staring at the moon with such desperate attraction, only to turn your back towards its soft rays of beckoning light; allowing your frigid feet to stumble forward and embrace the subtle call of the darkness pervading all the shadows before you?

  • Prose Poetry – Houseplants

    I murder houseplants. Not intentionally, mind you, but the result is still the same…dead flowers, dead leaves, dead roots. I’m pretty sure I’ve even killed the dirt (if that’s possible). Regardless, for some unintelligible reason, people keep gifting the little pots of green hope to me. I swear, sometimes I’m convinced I can hear their […]

  • Prose poetry – Jigsaw Puzzle

    Last night, I dreamt I was a jigsaw puzzle – a background of deep, midnight blue, sprinkled with golden stars. Someone came along and broke me apart, my round edges curling up as they separated. Thin fingers pierced the middle of each cardboard edge with green metal hooks, the kind used to hang Christmas bulbs. […]

  • Poetry – A Withering Smile

    An icy glance a withering smile – and again you’ve shaken my faith for a while.

  • Poetry – Reverse Engineering

    Most prefer the beginning before the end, but I offer an alternative, let’s allow the end to predict the beginning. – marandarussell.com *thanks to Jonathan Caswell for the title inspiration!

  • Poetry – 2 Scars Mini Poems

    Two short poetry bits about emotional scabs and scars.