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  • Poetry – Mental Reservation

    Room for one, please. I’ll be staying until further notice and will not require housekeeping.

  • Poetry – There’s Been a Mistake

    There’s been a mistake somewhere. This is not how it was all supposed to go. You, over there laughing as I prick my finger on verbal razors. Me, bleeding, faking a smile wishing I could manage to be good just this once.

  • Wordless Wednesday – The Poet Tarot Deck (My 2 Favorite Poets)

    Wordless Wednesday The Poet Tarot Deck My 2 Favorite Poets Edgar Allan Poe Emily Dickinson photography by Maranda Russell

  • Short Poetry – Poured Out

    Poured Out By: Maranda Russell Why do I feel like my poetry sucks? I try to write, only to find myself empty, poured out like milk and starting to curdle.

  • Bronchitis (Again!) and Short Bits of Blackout Poetry

    I’ve come down with another nasty case of bronchitis, so I’m taking it easy, hoping the antibiotics kick in soon, and putting together bits of loosely created blackout poetry (using some magazines and comics I’ve read lately). Here are a few of these creative little bits: 1) Not a single one became a hugely successful […]

  • Poetry – Anxiety Lament

    Anxiety Lament By: Maranda Russell Clenched teeth and clenched fists accompany defiant eyes. I have high expectations but I avoid them all. Sick in the stomach, sick in the head, sick of this life. I would cry, but I never penciled it in today.

  • TV Blackout Poetry: American Horror Story

    Last night while I was watching the 4th season of American Horror Story (Freak Show), I had the idea to write a poem using a similar technique to the “blackout poetry” idea, but instead of using print, I would take a few random phrases or words from the tv show I was watching and put […]

  • Poetry: Sleeping Angels

    Sleeping Angels By: Maranda Russell Sleeping angels are drawn in peaceful beauty – their ephemeral wings tucked in tight, their eyes closed in gentle repose, and their chubby palms cupped beneath rosy cheeks – but ask yourself as you turn away, what happens to their charges while they slumber on the job?

  • Fun 6 Word Story Writing Prompts

    I must admit that I stole these 6 word story writing prompts from one of my favorite WordPress bloggers, Therapy Bits. I’m not sure where she gets these prompts, or if she makes them up herself, but I thought they looked like a lot of fun, so I started borrowing a few of them just […]

  • Poetry: Sleeping Poetic Genius

    Sleeping Poetic Genius By: Maranda Russell I wrote a poem in my sleep last night. The words, colors, and images now blur in my mind. I try to pin them down, only to have them wiggle away like a puppy desperate to escape a confining embrace. The poem was grand, of this I am sure. […]