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  • New Blog Theme, TMJ, and Being Silly for Halloween!

    Hi everyone! First off, I want to say that I changed the theme (appearance) of my blog slightly. I don’t know if you all will notice or not, especially if you read most of my posts on WordPress’s reader function, but for those who actually visit my blog address, I hope you like the changes. […]

  • Poetry: Church Abuse

    Church Abuse By: Maranda Russell The lace unravels. The smaller holes become bigger tears as the candle wax hardens on the soft, satin cloth. Prayers, and pleas and petitions abound, but the altar lies irrevocably ruined.

  • Mental Illness Labels : Alphabet Soup Poem

    Yesterday I commented on a post by blogger Myloudbipolarwhispers about mental illness labels. In the comment, I explained how one of my foster kids once had a therapist who talked about the dangers of “alphabet soup”, which is when people start collecting so many labels (ADHD, ADD, ASD, PTSD, SAD, OCD, DID, BPD, RAD, and so on […]

  • Poetic Art #2 – Shadows and the Sun

    “I live for these days, when colors abound and truth can be found in the shadows and the sun.” Check out my art for sale at my Ebay store!

  • Writing Prompt: $1,000 to Spend

    Writing Prompt: $1,000 to Spend

    Today’s writing prompt: If you were given $1,000 to spend right now and you had to spend it, what would you buy? My response: If someone gave me $1,000 to spend right now and I couldn’t save any of it, I would go on a fun shopping spree! The top things that come to mind […]

  • Hiking with Hemingway

    Hiking with Hemingway

    Hiking with Hemingway Written By: Maranda Russell One foot in front of the other, he reminds himself sternly, pulling the edge of his hat down to shield his sensitive brown eyes from the glare of the city lights winking in the distance. Every glimpse of human society, of the burning embers from love lost and […]

  • Pony Gods

    Pony Gods Written By: Maranda Russell I pray to the Pony Gods. I don’t know if they listen, or even if they care, but sometimes they do seem to answer. Why the Pony Gods? Why not? I figure the Pony Gods have just as much a chance of being good – or being real as […]

  • On the Railway

    On the Railway Written by: Maranda Russell On the railway, no one studies your face. No grief is given, but neither is grace. The wheels are loud, and the engine is hot, bringing to mind all things better forgot. With the changing landscapes, and nature’s colorful hue, remember this thought that will always ring true: […]

  • Fighting Fear

    Fighting Fear Written by: Maranda Russell I took fear by the hand and shook him until I heard the sound of his yellow bones popping in and out of place. I pushed him down the stairs, his skull cracking against the white, stone steps on his way to the finale. He hit the basement floor, […]

  • Depression & Suicidal Thoughts

    I’ve been dealing with depression a lot lately, mostly due to unresolved childhood trauma I believe. Today I finally felt at least well enough to make a video talking about some of the things I am going through and wanted to share that in case it might help anyone else struggling. I am also going […]