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  • Wordless Wednesday – Red Fraggle Sculpture

  • Twittering Tales #126 – This Is It

    The prompt for this week’s Twittering Tales writing challenge immediately brought back sad memories of an ill-fated tour of a great entertainer (one of my all-time personal favorites), so I went with it. Here is the photo prompt and my entry: “It was meant to be my swan song. I pulled out all the stops…the […]

  • Rick and Morty Fan Art

    Any Rick and Morty fans out there? I’ve watched the tv show whenever I happen to catch it on Cartoon Network and enjoy the weird sense of humor, goofy characters, and the alternate dimensions sci-fi feel of it. Not too long ago I was looking for something fun and simple to draw and decided to […]

  • I Fell in Love Today

    I fell in love with a glimpse of you today…and you never even knew. But there you were, sitting cross-legged, Indian-style on a gravel walkway winding through a field of scattered tombstones. You wore a grease-splattered McDonald’s uniform and were happily occupying your own world. Your head was down, but bobbing slightly to the rhythm […]

  • 5 Observations About the Movie “Jurassic World”

    Spoiler alert! First off, of course I don’t think “Jurassic World” is as good as “Jurassic Park”. Being that “Jurassic Park” is a beloved classic from my childhood with warm memories attached to it, it would be darn near impossible for any sequel to match the emotional impact for me. So, I am not judging […]