Tag: prose poetry

  • Flash fiction – red roses

    Red roses. A sign of romantic interest, elegant sensuality, and passionate love. Yes, I have received red roses, but mine weren’t accompanied by affection, butterflies fluttering around my stomach, or flirtatious kisses and caresses. Mine came with feminine shame, a statement of sexual entitlement, and a paranoia I just can’t shake. I fear I see […]

  • Prose Poetry – Houseplants

    I murder houseplants. Not intentionally, mind you, but the result is still the same…dead flowers, dead leaves, dead roots. I’m pretty sure I’ve even killed the dirt (if that’s possible). Regardless, for some unintelligible reason, people keep gifting the little pots of green hope to me. I swear, sometimes I’m convinced I can hear their […]

  • Prose poetry – Jigsaw Puzzle

    Last night, I dreamt I was a jigsaw puzzle – a background of deep, midnight blue, sprinkled with golden stars. Someone came along and broke me apart, my round edges curling up as they separated. Thin fingers pierced the middle of each cardboard edge with green metal hooks, the kind used to hang Christmas bulbs. […]

  • Stream of Consciousness Writing – Where Did I Go?

    Where did I go? I swear I was just right here, feeling fine, but now I look around and I’m nowhere to be seen. I guess I’ll have to break out the “lost self” posters and nail them to every tree on our block. If I’m found, I’m afraid there is no reward, but my […]