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  • Teenage Trauma Almost Made Me Give Up On Life

    I went through a lot of trauma between the ages of 15-19. I had already been through prior trauma, losing my dad to a heart attack at the age of 12, getting hit by a delivery truck while crossing the street when I was 10, living with an abusive, dysfunctional family dynamic from birth, etc. […]

  • Dragging Myself through Christmas

    2 days until Christmas, and I don’t think I could feel less festive if I tried. I’m dragging myself through each day, not really wanting to get out of bed or do anything. I’ve tried to break the depressive funk by making myself go to a couple holiday events in the past week, but the […]

  • Most F-d Up Dream of My Life!

    Warning: mature explicit content ahead (including rape)! I think I had the most messed up dream of my life last night! In the dream, I was a little girl and my mom (who wasn’t the same mom I have in real life) had just gotten together with this creepy guy. The guy told me he […]

  • #LifeAidHope Suicide Prevention Campaign

    More than 20 Military, Veterans, and First Responders take their lives each day, your support can help end this epidemic! Donate today: classy.org/campaign/20/c273823

  • Suit Up for Battle

    Have you ever had a relationship in your life, whether it be a family member, coworker, boss, neighbor, schoolmate, or other social acquaintance, who makes you feel like you need to prepare yourself for for battle every time you come in contact with them? Perhaps they are masters of the subtle put-down, love to give […]

  • Should We Move or Not?

    My husband and I have been discussing potentially moving, which is stressful but also a little bit exciting. There are big positives and negatives to consider. On the plus side, right now we live out in the middle of nowhere and everything is pretty far away. Our doctors, shopping centers, and my husband’s work are […]

  • Poetry: Sole Survivor

    For my own poor health the truth must be told – my mother, I remember, was heaviest, the faintest – sinking the small pulse of life within me. I later roused myself – dreaming over the cool night air in the suburbs. I turned again to my mother, my sister – but I was the […]

  • I’m Writing a New Book! Diary of a Brainwashed Fundamentalist Teenager

    For years now, I have considered writing a book about my teen years, when I got swept up in a fundamentalist, almost cult-like religious environment for several years. Boy, was I a mixed up kid back then! I’m using my actual diary entries from that time to illustrate what I went through psychologically trying to […]

  • Mental Health Labels – Gotta Catch’em All!!!

    Sometimes I feel like mental health disorders are like Pokemon: Gotta catch’em all!!! Is there a point where collecting mental health labels gets ridiculous and almost humorous? Sometimes I wonder if all the stuff that has been ascribed to me is really wrong with me, and if it is – is it actually just one […]

  • Poetry: Unspeakable Childhood

    ‘Twas horrible to think that she suffered an unspeakable childhood. Every day they reopened the contentions – old ones that she could not tear away. Mischief and dread became more likely than right and wrong – causing heads to hit hard against circumstances almost as good as she once was. (Blackout poetry created from a […]