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  • Should We Move or Not?

    My husband and I have been discussing potentially moving, which is stressful but also a little bit exciting. There are big positives and negatives to consider. On the plus side, right now we live out in the middle of nowhere and everything is pretty far away. Our doctors, shopping centers, and my husband’s work are […]

  • Can Abusers Ever Be Reformed?

    This is a question I struggle with myself on a regular basis. Can abusers really ever change or is it just theater to try to pull you back in so they can mistreat you again? Should you ever let a prior abuser back into your life if they seem to have changed for the good? […]

  • Poetry: Sleeping Angels

    Sleeping Angels By: Maranda Russell Sleeping angels are drawn in peaceful beauty – their ephemeral wings tucked in tight, their eyes closed in gentle repose, and their chubby palms cupped beneath rosy cheeks – but ask yourself as you turn away, what happens to their charges while they slumber on the job?

  • Who Do I Want to Be as an Artist?

    Today I was inspired by a blog post from Judith over at Artistcoveries, in which she asks the question – Who do I want to be as an artist? I love thinking about stuff like this, so I wrote the question down in my journal and brainstormed my own answers. Here is what I came […]

  • 5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself!

    Here are a few important questions to ask yourself about your purpose and meaning in life! For fun, I have provided my own answers to them as an example! If you do answer these, I would recommend taking the time to write them down, think about them carefully, and be as honest as you can! […]

  • Art vs Mental & Chronic Illness – Please Give Feedback!

    Hello everyone! I’ve actually had a few good days mentally, which has definitely been a welcome reprieve! Today I wanted to talk to my blog readers about whether they think I do a good balance of art vs mental or chronic illness posts. I have a passion both for art and for advocating and spreading […]

  • Forever Intertwined

    Forever Intertwined

    Does the popcorn make the movie and the beer make the bar? When you willfully separate that which has been forever intertwined, does the sum of its parts create something new or do you simply destroy all parties involved? ~ Maranda Russell

  • Writing Prompt: Message in a Bottle

    Writing Prompt: Message in a Bottle

    Today’s writing prompt: If you were to write a message in a bottle, what would it say? Who would you hope finds it? My response: “To whoever finds this, I was here. I lived. I loved. I hurt. I laughed. I cried. You will too. Enjoy the ride.” I would hope it was found by […]

  • I Love a Good Conspiracy

    I Love a Good Conspiracy

    Admission time…I LOVE a good conspiracy. JFK. Roswell. 9/11. The Illuminati. Skull and Bones. I love it all. Sometimes I think conspiracy theorists can go too far (Sandy Hook being a hoax comes to mind), but overall, I’m willing to view evidence either way and see why people come up with the conspiracy theories they […]

  • Can You Keep a Secret?

    Can You Keep a Secret?

    Can You Keep a Secret? Written by: Maranda Russell Can you keep a secret? Will you hold it close, so close that it vibrates against your own heartbeat? Will you bite your tongue, your teeth slicing through your taste buds, leaving rows of bloody beads? Will you lock pinkies like we are kids once again, […]