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  • Poetry – Sylvia Plath Reincarnated

    I fear I may be the unfortunate reincarnation of Sylvia Plath. Born fifty years to the day from her initial entrance, I draw the parallels between our lives – lines that connect far more than astrology. Both of us poets, wordsmiths living through our literary confessions. Desperate to be taken seriously – a gift freely […]

  • Reincarnation: Remembering Past Lives?

    I want to start this post by saying I am not implying that the experiences I will reveal prove that past lives are a thing or that these were definitely my past lives, however, they were interesting experiences and I thought you guys might enjoy reading about them. I do not ascribe to any particular […]

  • I Dreamed I Was Black Last Night

    I Dreamed I Was Black Last Night

    I had an interesting dream last night and thought I would share, partly just because I found it weird and wonder what it meant, and partly because I think maybe there was a pearl of wisdom to be found in it about race relations. In the dream my family and I were scared because a […]