Goals for 2019 – Blog, Writing, Art


I don’t set personal resolutions for New Years, but I do try to set some goals to try to reach the coming year, especially for my blog/social media, writing, and art. I did meet and even surpass some of the goals I set for 2018. For instance, I hoped to have 500 Instagram followers by the end of this year, and I’m already over 1,400!

When setting these goals, I try to be realistic but shoot a bit high. I figure even if I miss, at least I dreamed big and tried my best. I try to not beat myself up if I don’t meet a goal by the end of the year, I just set my sights on the next year.

So without further ado, here are my goals for 2019:

Social Media
Blog – 1,500 followers
Instagram – 5,000 followers (dream big!)

Write/publish 2 new books/ebooks
Sell 300+ copies of my books

Sell to 2 new countries (would love to add Ireland, Germany, Japan, China, or India!)
Countries I have already sold art to: USA, Canada, Australia, France, Switzerland, England, Wales, Norway, United Arab Emirates


I Published a New Children’s Ebook on Kindle!!!

750px-Kids_look_for_birds_with_their_binoculars (2)

I just published a new children’s ebook on Amazon! I originally wrote this silly little book back in 2012, but never published it because I wasn’t happy with all the photos I had at the time for use. Honestly, I had rather forgotten about the book, but when I came across it again recently, I decided to rework it a bit and publish it since I thought it was rather amusing and fun for kids.

The book is entitled “How to Find Fun Adults: A Silly Field Guide for Kids” and is available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon for $0.99 (free if you have kindle unlimited). The book is short, and easy to read. It is geared for beginning and intermediate readers, and would be a fun pick for reluctant readers. Very young readers may need help with several of the harder words, which are also defined at the end of the book. The purpose of the book is simply to provide a fun, silly read for kids, and to celebrate adults that didn’t lose their own love of childhood!

If you do download the book and read it, please consider leaving a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads! If anyone would like a free copy of the ebook for review purposes, feel free to contact me at Shojobeatgirl@live.com!

By the way, right now several of my other Kindle ebooks are having FREE promotions for the holidays, so check out my Amazon author page to see which ones are available!

Toys R Us and Thrift Store Toy & Doll Shopping Haul

Another post for you today! My husband took me out to do a bit of shopping therapy to try to help get me out of my depressed funk. The weather outside is absolutely abysmal (constant rain and gloom), but I still had fun!

We went to Toys R Us, which is already marking everything down for the store closing. I am terribly sad to see Toys R Us go, and hope that somehow they are able to make a comeback at some point. There are so few toy stores around anymore! Here is what I found today there:


The “Bee Happy” baby outfit was 20% off and is Newborn size, so it should fit my reborn doll. If not, I’m sure it will fit some of my stuffed animals. I just thought the bee motif was too cute to pass up. I also picked up the Despicable Me unicorn mealtime set that I have wanted for a while. I love the unicorn from the movie, and I actually use these types of plastic cartoon cups, bowls, and plates myself more than I use regular dishware.

After Toys R Us, we did a little thrifting. I got a fun Playpad activity book (these are fun to do while I’m watching YouTube vids), some new pencils, and a couple more newborn size outfits for my doll. The green outfit has a cute orange whale on it and I also found a cute pair of brand new monkey booties.


Shopping Blog and General Life Update

I woke up today feeling like I just needed to get out, so went to do a bit of shopping, nothing too exciting as you can see here, but hey, sometimes even routine errands can help get our minds off heavy stuff.


First I stopped at Walmart. As you can see, I am still feeding my Coca Cola addiction. The cough drops are for the hubby who woke up feeling crappy today, and the Carmex is because I’m having some lip pimple or cold sore issues that are driving me crazy. I rarely EVER buy makeup. Lip balm and this kind of Covergirl foundation powder are about all I ever do. Honestly, it isn’t even necessarily an aversion to makeup, but just that #1, I never really learned to do my own makeup, and #2, makeup is expensive and I would rather buy more fun things normally!

I also went to Goodwill, where I found a sweatshirt that was super comfy and almost brand new. Ironically enough, the sweatshirt I bought at Goodwill was almost the exact same price as this brand new t-shirt I bought at Walmart. It seems a little ridiculous to me that Goodwill prices are now about as high as Walmart prices! I know sweatshirts cost more than t-shirts anyhow, but still…


I think the best part of getting out of the house though is just cruising in the car, with the windows down, and cranking up the volume on some of my favorite albums. That might be one of the most therapeutic treatments for depression.

Free books for Amazon Prime Members

Hello everyone!  I know it has been quite awhile since I posted, but with the holidays, family illnesses and other responsibilities that have been thrown my way, I have just been overwhelmed, so I took some time off.  We did have some great times over the holiday, for instance, the cosmic bowling that we did on New Year’s Eve.  The picture included here is of me and a family member celebrating there!

In addition to the happiness the season brought to my family, it also bumped up the sales figures for my newest picture book, “Ode to Icky”.  Most of these were signed copies that I sold personally, but still, getting my book into the hands of readers always puts a smile on my face!

Over the holidays, the Kindle version of “Ode to Icky” became available for FREE to anyone who happens to be an Amazon Prime Member.  Unless I’m mistaken, the Amazon Prime program is rather new, but it seems to have some great perks if you shop Amazon often for books or other products.  You receive free shipping on most of your Amazon orders, unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows and access to tons of free books for the Kindle through the Kindle Lending Library program.

To be completely honest, I haven’t signed up as a Prime Member yet, but I am seriously considering it.  I love my Kindle and whenever I can’t find something I want in a nearby store, I almost always purchase it from Amazon.  So if you happen to be an Amazon Prime Member, I have two requests to make of you:

First, please consider downloading “Ode to Icky” for free!  Even though it is free to you, I do receive a small royalty every time it is downloaded.  Secondly, I would love to hear your opinion of the Prime program and how you have liked it so far.  Has it been worth the money?

Get your kids an awesome, one-of-a-kind gift!

Looking for something to get your kids that they will love and can keep for years?  An author signed picture book is a gift that is personal, exciting and fun for kids.  Most kids are thrilled to know that an author actually sent and even signed a book just for them.

For that reason, I am offering all potential customers the opportunity to buy a signed copy of my picture book “Ode to Icky” and have it shipped to them anywhere in the US or Canada for only $10!  This is quite a savings from the normal price to obtain a signed copy!  This deal only lasts from now until Christmas, so if you would like to order a signed copy of my latest book at this bargain price, please contact me by email at Shojobeatgirl@live.com or simply leave a message on this post and I will contact you!

If you would like to learn more about “Ode to Icky”, feel free to check out the product description and customer reviews on Amazon.