It Got Freaking Cold Overnight!


I woke up this afternoon (I am a late sleeper lol), and as soon as I put my feet on the floor I noticed it was freezing! Fall hit overnight it seems! Or maybe even winter! So, I had to break out my Garfield fleece pajama bottoms, my thick black cat slipper socks, and my plush hot pink robe. Now I am super comfy, but still a little cold! Even as I type this, my numb fingers feel like ice.

I don’t know if it is the cold, or the fact that I am all snuggled up on the recliner, but now I feel incredibly lazy. So, I think today I’m just gonna sit here with my Halloween blanket, watch some Dr. Phil, maybe drink some hot tea, and probably eat some chocolate. Love you guys! Stay warm!

Playing with Knives

Honestly, I haven’t been feeling the whole holiday spirit thing at all this year. I’ve watched a few holiday movies and listened to some Christmas songs, but none of it really inspired me this year for some reason. Maybe I’m just too depressed. However, one thing I have been doing is playing with knives! (Palette knives that is!)

Normally I paint only with brushes, but I decided to buy a good quality palette knife and just experiment with it, so here are a couple of the abstract acrylic pictures I’m made while playing around with it:



“The Pumpkin Field” Picture Book Review

With fall just around the corner, you may be looking for Halloween or other seasonal stories to share with your children.  A great one to consider is Linda Nance’s “The Pumpkin Field”.  This picture book was both written and illustrated by Linda, and she is certainly one gifted storyteller.

So what is “The Pumpkin Field” about?  It is a catchy little rhyming story that brings out the best and spookiest parts of autumn.  From the bare, skeletal trees to the black cats, magical scarecrows and spooky witches, this story literally has it all.  And of course, there are lots of pumpkins to be found as well!

I know it can be hard to pick just the right kind of spooky, but not-too-scary book for your kids.  This one has an edge of fright, just enough to give you a little shiver, but is certainly not violent or terrifying.  Even the smallest ears will be fine listening to this little tale.

The pictures that accompany the story are well-drawn, but definitely have a handmade feel to them.  No computer generated graphics here!  However, I find this style of art quite charming and a welcome change from the overly digitized picture books that are often produced today.  Art like this has a homey feel to it, one that makes you want to curl up with a blanket in front of the fireplace and get lost in the story.

If you would like to consider adding this book to your Halloween collection, you might want to visit the book’s Amazon page or Linda Nance’s blog.