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  • Over 1 Million Views on YouTube!!!

    I am not the type of person to typically “toot my own horn” or brag about my achievements, but my psychiatrist and psychologist both say I need to “become my own cheerleader” in a way and learn to celebrate small victories, so I figured I would take the time to mention that my YouTube channel, […]

  • Mother’s Day Drama and Us “Entitled” Millenials

    Sorry I haven’t written much lately. I’ve been focusing on other things, like trying to get back into vlogging on YouTube and starting up my Instagram. By the way, if you aren’t already following me on both of those, feel free to check them out! Today I’m feeling pretty bad. I’ve had a high amount […]

  • Losing Blog Followers and Self-Doubt

    Losing Blog Followers and Self-Doubt

    It is hard for me to be emotionally vulnerable about things that hurt my feelings or make me feel worthless, but my #1 goal with this blog is total honesty, so I’m going to share what I’m struggling with right now. Yesterday I lost at least 5 blog followers. I gained 2 I believe, so […]

  • Therapy Homework: Affirmations for Self-Esteem

    Therapy Homework: Affirmations for Self-Esteem

    I saw my therapist this past weekend and it went ok, but I honestly think sometimes my therapist gets kind of annoyed or frustrated with me. I feel like she sometimes wants to see more progress than I’ve made, especially in the self-esteem/self-loathing area. To be fair, I haven’t always been the best about following […]

  • Rejection Issues – Am I Overreacting?

    I tend to be an overly sensitive person who easily feels rejected or uncared for by people who may not actually mean to make me feel that way. I know I have some self-esteem issues and take things personally too often. Right now there is a situation that is leaving me wondering if I am […]

  • Arguing on the Internet, Should I Disengage?

    I really should know better by now. I really should learn to just disengage with ignorant or narrow-minded people who refuse to even consider any viewpoint but their own. I should learn that it takes away from my happiness and peaceful life by wandering into pointless debates with people who I know I’m never going […]

  • Artistic Loneliness

    Artistic Loneliness

    I’d show you my soul, open it up before you and hold it to the light, but I worry you’d laugh shredding any self-confidence that has snuck through my long line of offenses and survived. ~Maranda Russell

  • Bad Night

    Bad Night

    Tonight was a bad night. The pain, isolation, and despair came crashing down so hard and fast that I crawled off the couch and collapsed onto the carpet, on my side, in a loose fetal position and just wept. I gripped the beige carpet fibers in my fingers and pulled as the tears pooled below […]

  • “Who Am I?” Picture Book Review

    “Who Am I?” is an inspirational picture book produced by Panda Heart Publishing, a company that focuses all of their attention on making the world better for children and helping each person, no matter how small, find the truth of who they are inside. Written by Suzanne Mulcahy and illustrated by Patty O’Rourke, “Who Am I?” […]

  • ‘Girls Rule’ a very special book…

    ‘Girls Rule…a very special book created especially for girls’ is a truly  unique book.  Written by Ashley Rice and published by Blue Mountain Arts,  this book is one that every preteen and teenage girl should read.   Why?  Because almost all girls who are going through the confusion of  adolescence struggle with self-confidence and finding their […]