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  • Poetry – Tip Her

    (The following slightly risque poem was inspired by a passage from Ulysses by James Joyce, which turned out to be a lot dirtier (and nonsensical) than I thought it would be lol.) Stop. Knocking. Silly man! Want women by the score? Quit throwing flowers at their feet and singing sappy songs outside in your feathered […]

  • Ever Heard of Sexual Anorexia?

    Ever Heard of Sexual Anorexia?

    Last night I was looking through book giveaways on Goodreads and happened to spot a book about “sexual anorexia”. I’ve studied psychology and mental health issues for years, but that was a phrase I had never come across before. Now curious, I had to Google it and found the subject rather interesting. Apparently, just as […]

  • Thank you “Fifty Shades of Grey” for making my life look great

    So today I decided to go see the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Tuesdays are bargain day at our local theater so I figured it would be the best time to go if I bothered to see it. I didn’t want to drag my husband to the movie because he hated the Twilight series for having […]

  • Cursing and sexual terms – ok in literature for young adults?

    Lately, as I have been working with my editor to get my first book for young adults ready for publication, I have been thinking a lot about what is ok and isn’t ok to put in young adult literature. My new YA book is a poetry collection, and while it certainly isn’t riddled with sexual stuff […]