Poetry – Money and greed

Money and greed
a want or a need? 

Days spent chasing dollars
robs life of vibrant colors.

Nights alone, awash in possessions
imprisons the brain with lonely obsessions.

A lifetime building physical wealth
takes a toll on mental health.

Poetry – Is there meaning here?

Is there meaning here?
I stare into space
oblivious to all
but my own numbness,
hoping for a call -
a beckoning voice
to draw me back
from the edge
of my self-imposed exile.
Drop the feathery gauze
from these old, battered lenses
and push me
if necessary
out of the warm niche
carved long ago
in this mount of regret.

Poetry – Why do i

Why do I often find you
staring at the moon
with such desperate attraction,
only to turn your back
towards its soft rays
of beckoning light;
allowing your frigid feet
to stumble forward
and embrace the subtle call
of the darkness pervading
all the shadows before you?

Poetry – Reverse Engineering

Most prefer the beginning
before the end,
but I offer 
an alternative,
let's allow the end
to predict the beginning.

- marandarussell.com

*thanks to Jonathan Caswell for the title inspiration! 

Poetry – 2 Scars Mini Poems

A scab for your scar,
then right back in the car.

My scars grow scabs
faster than
my psyche can catch up.


Poetry Bits – Titles

A name is given,
a title is bestowed,
a legacy is earned,
but affection must be sowed.

Don't exchange what's vital
simply for a title. 

Poetry – Playing Dirty

Where I come from
blood and names mean nothing
and sworn oaths even less. 

But prized most of all
is that old art
of playing dirty -
so dirty
no one else
can even see the game.

- marandarussell.com 

Poetry – Mental Reservation

Room for one, 

I'll be staying
until further notice
and will not
require housekeeping.

A Couple Short Instagram Poems

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