Angry at the Grass

green-grass-1493898873qXe public domain photo

The grass waves at me
but I don’t feel like
greeting it back.
Must be so simple
to just sway in the wind,
no worries
no cares,
everything you have
the sun painted on your back.
It almost makes me glad
you’ll soon be mown down.

~ Maranda Russell


Repaint the Ceiling

“Repaint the Ceiling”
Written by: Maranda Russell

Waking up,
I lay there and wonder
how long it would take
to repaint the ceiling?
Maybe a subtle, powder blue,
or a rolling green sea?
A buttery yellow,
or a soft and gentle lilac?
Something to take the edge off
on the nights I’m cut open
and bleeding on the carpet.

Some of the best simple pleasures life has to offer

Today was one of those lazy days that I absolutely love.  I really didn’t do much of anything all day, other than watch anime, nap, eat and lounge around in my comfy pj’s.  The pure enjoyment of being a lazy bum got me thinking about the simple pleasures that really don’t cost much at all, but can add immense happiness to your life if you just take the time to appreciate them.  Here are a few of my personal favorites when it comes to simple pleasures:

1. Watching my cats totally spaz out, like Einstein is doing right now.  Free entertainment that is totally contagious!  It seems when one cat spazzes out, the other two aren’t far behind.

2. A warm bath.  I would probably sleep in the tub if I could.  I especially like to read a good book while in the bath, although that has led to more than one soggy bookmark.

3. Putting on new socks…especially ones that have cute designs or characters on them.  It may be a really girly thing, but I can’t help but smile when I see Miss Piggy smiling up at me from my feet!

4. Taking a nap.  One of the best simple pleasures of all.  Even though I often wake up groggy and feel crappy afterwards, those few minutes when I curl up on my soft bed and cuddle with my blankie make it all worthwhile.

5. Cookies and cereal!  My two favorite comfort foods never fail to cheer me up, even if I do feel a little bloated after indulging.  Bonus points if you eat a cereal that is made from cookies!

So what are some of your favorite simple pleasures?  I could go on and on about mine, but don’t want to waste too much of your time (see, ain’t I thoughtful?)