Just a Big, Black Hole


The last couple days have been rough. You ever felt like you were a giant black hole of emptiness and need that sucks the joy and positivity out of everyone and everything around you? If not, you are lucky. If you can relate, I’m really sorry to hear that because it is a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad feeling. Luckily, I do have a loving, compassionate husband who was there for me to hold me and make me feel loved even when I feel the most unlovable. I also have good online friends who are always willing to lend an ear when I need to vent or get something off my chest, and that means the world to me (you probably know who you are if you are reading this).

Today is pretty nasty weather-wise, so we might be snowed in a day or two if we get as much snow and ice as predicted. Luckily, I am feeling a bit better mentally and am just enjoying watching the snow fall while my kitty cats cuddle around me and my husband watches Star Trek. I hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for putting up with me!

* Art by Maranda Russell


“The Adventures of Boots: The Giant Snowball” review

The children’s picture book, “The Adventures of Boots: The Giant Snowball”, written by Linda Black and illustrated by Masha Holl is a fun wintertime romp.

The main character is a white cat named Boots who hates the black markings on his feet that gave him his name.  He thinks they are ugly, even though everyone else tells him otherwise.  However, just when Boots is the most irritated with his black “socks”, he finds that they just might be useful after all.  In fact, they may be the most important feature he has been given.

There are several themes throughout this story, including self-acceptance, friendship, teamwork, appreciation and faith.  The story is not at all preachy or boring, but it does manage to pass along the importance of these character traits.  The story isn’t overly religious, but it does mention God and encourages kids to count their blessings and give thanks for them.  In many ways this story reminded me of the classic stories I grew up with that were full of faith and morality.  In no way is this a bad thing, in fact, I often miss seeing these qualities in the children’s literature that is produced today.

As for the illustrations, they just may be the best part of the story.  The artist did a fine job of depicting the events happening in the story and created characters that children will immediately identify with.  The artistic style is very unusual for a picture book.  It is almost three-dimensional and has an animated feel to it.  In fact, when I looked through the illustrations, the first thought that came to mind was that the artwork was impressive enough to hold its own against much of the animation you see on tv or in movies.  Undoubtedly, this artist has a great career ahead of her.

Over all, this book is fun, meaningful and of very good quality.  It is also convenient since it is currently available for the Kindle, the Nook, and will soon be available in print as well.  You can order the book from Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com, or you can visit the author’s website for more information.