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  • Life is Pain

    Life is Pain

    Life is pain. And I don’t mean that in some philosophical bullshit way…(or maybe I do?) Life is pain, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or existential. The gentle yearning ache of a heart perpetually unfulfilled… The bittersweet bile of nostalgia creeping up one’s throat… The sharp bite of our unreliably aging bones… The mind-numbing […]

  • The Meaning of Age

    The Meaning of Age

    What is the meaning of age? Is it wisdom? Only if the time has been spent wisely. Is it growth? Only if given room and nourishment to grow. Is it peace of mind? Only if all has been found within. Is it neglect? Only if the choice is made to turn away. Is it irrelevance? […]

  • All the world’s a stage and we are merely players

    Today I’ve been thinking about relationships and reminiscing about not only current relationships, but all the ones I can remember in my 32 years. As I considered the bonds between myself and a myriad of other sentient beings, I began to see my life as some kind of play or movie. Of course, I thought […]