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  • Lucid Dream Last Night

    Every once in a while I have a dream where I realize in the middle of it that I am dreaming and I have the ability to take the dream over and do whatever I want to do. Last night this happened again. I became aware that I was dreaming and that nothing I saw […]

  • Poetry: A Bit of Lewis Carroll Nonsense

    A Bit of Lewis Carroll Nonsense By: Maranda Russell The serious ones and the bonkers ones are rare birds telling tales of biscuits and chewed pencils served with curry and elegance – a feast which you can chew on for ten whole years.

  • I Attended a Psychic Class – How Did I Do?

    Last month I attended a class developed to help you improve your “psychic abilities”. Partly, I decided to try it out just for fun and to see what would happen, and partly I have always been interested in the paranormal, whether it be ghosts, ufos, psychic abilities, time travel, near death experiences, cryptids, etc. So, […]

  • What Is It? Photo Guessing Game

  • Wordless Wednesday: Yeti on a Christmas Tree

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  • Alien Abduction Experience?

    You all seemed to enjoy my post the other day about past life dreams, so I thought I would share another weird experience I had years ago. This is the closest thing to an alien abduction experience I have ever had. This is only one of two experiences I have had where I honestly wonder […]

  • Reincarnation: Remembering Past Lives?

    I want to start this post by saying I am not implying that the experiences I will reveal prove that past lives are a thing or that these were definitely my past lives, however, they were interesting experiences and I thought you guys might enjoy reading about them. I do not ascribe to any particular […]

  • Poetry: Sword Care Instructions

    Sword Care Instructions By: Maranda Russell After sharpening, dust the bejeweled hilt and place the sword in clean purple cloth. Afterwards, you may admire its sparkle but do not take internally, as metal is poisonous and organs puncture easily.

  • Weird Outsider Art Sculpture Photo

    When I see weird things, especially weird artistic stuff that fits into the category of folk or outsider art, I like to take pictures of them! This past weekend, my husband and I visited a little curiosities shop in downtown Fairborn, Ohio called The Secret Chamber House of Oddities and Artwork. They had this cool […]

  • Autism Sensory Issues – Me vs. the Crickets

    Some of you will probably find this post funny (honestly it is rather amusing), but if you happen to be autistic, OCD, or have a sensory processing disorder, you may relate to my very real struggles here lol. So….I am at war with the crickets. Every single night they seem to congregate outside my bedroom […]