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  • Dragging Myself through Christmas

    2 days until Christmas, and I don’t think I could feel less festive if I tried. I’m dragging myself through each day, not really wanting to get out of bed or do anything. I’ve tried to break the depressive funk by making myself go to a couple holiday events in the past week, but the […]

  • Joker Movie – Thoughts and Feelings

    First off, I think this is a great film to really make you think about society and some of the true causes of violence and group anger. This movie can be interpreted many different ways and honestly can make you forget that it has anything to do with the superhero universe. It is gritty and […]

  • Poetry: A World Like This

    Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too couldn’t have dreamed of a world like this. A world where kids stay doped up on Ritalin and Prozac, while drug dealers work the swing sets and slides of a local playground. A world where kids with guns and the will to kill run the streets with cold, hard […]

  • Poetry: Sole Survivor

    For my own poor health the truth must be told – my mother, I remember, was heaviest, the faintest – sinking the small pulse of life within me. I later roused myself – dreaming over the cool night air in the suburbs. I turned again to my mother, my sister – but I was the […]

  • Poetry: Unspeakable Childhood

    ‘Twas horrible to think that she suffered an unspeakable childhood. Every day they reopened the contentions – old ones that she could not tear away. Mischief and dread became more likely than right and wrong – causing heads to hit hard against circumstances almost as good as she once was. (Blackout poetry created from a […]

  • Complicated Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day always creates such a barrage of mixed emotions for me. There was a lot of trauma, abuse, mental illness, and foolish decisions that marked my childhood. My mother was far from a perfect parent. Luckily, she does admit to that and seems to be really trying to be a better person now, but […]

  • Poetry: Narcissistic Games

    She could never let me sleep. That would put us on equal footing and allow me to be fully awake and aware. Instead, she would sneak into my room, shake me awake and cry loud, calculated tears while I practiced hiding my true feelings and tried my hardest to become a limp, gray rock held […]

  • Poetry – When I Was Hit By a Truck

    Not many 10-year-olds could be hit by a speeding delivery truck while crossing the street and live to tell the tale… but I always was a weird statistic. The truck ran me over with the ease of a speed bump. I even had the tire tracks and imbedded gravel across my stomach to prove it. […]

  • Christmas and Family Forgiveness

    Yesterday my husband and I traveled over to Indiana to meet my mom and her husband for Christmas dinner. We all decided to meet at a truckstop that is about halfway between us, so that neither of us would have to cook, clean up, or drive too far: I genuinely had a good time and […]

  • Alien Abduction Experience?

    You all seemed to enjoy my post the other day about past life dreams, so I thought I would share another weird experience I had years ago. This is the closest thing to an alien abduction experience I have ever had. This is only one of two experiences I have had where I honestly wonder […]