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  • Poetry – Drummers of War

              Drummers                                               Drummers of War Phil Collins              diminuendo               Barack Obama Ringo Starr            […]

  • Poetry – New Year, Same old Sh@#

    I was going to try to write a cheery New Year’s poem…oh well, maybe next year. “New Year, Same Old Shit” 200,000 crowns could never satisfy the heads of those born unto the spirit of entitlement. Nor would 200,000 bodies – as more than that have already been stepped over or kicked aside by royal […]

  • Reincarnation: Remembering Past Lives?

    I want to start this post by saying I am not implying that the experiences I will reveal prove that past lives are a thing or that these were definitely my past lives, however, they were interesting experiences and I thought you guys might enjoy reading about them. I do not ascribe to any particular […]

  • Autism Sensory Issues – Me vs. the Crickets

    Some of you will probably find this post funny (honestly it is rather amusing), but if you happen to be autistic, OCD, or have a sensory processing disorder, you may relate to my very real struggles here lol. So….I am at war with the crickets. Every single night they seem to congregate outside my bedroom […]

  • Weekend Life Update: Depression, Meditation, Politics

    I am currently experiencing a real downturn mood-wise, but I’m going to try to write a life update post anyhow. I tried to write a blog post yesterday, but was simply to depressed to complete it. Today I’m just going to sum up a few things that went on this last week, so hopefully, I […]

  • Things I’ve Learned Recently

    Hello everyone! This post is just a little check-in to say hi and let you all know what I’ve been up to. I figured I would make it more interesting by focusing on what I’ve learned recently from this unpredictable thing we call life. After working on a book about nutrition for a freelance client, […]

  • Why “Mockingjay” (the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy) depressed me

    After seeing the Mockingjay Part 1 movie in theatres, I finally decided to read the entire Hunger Games trilogy. I had read bits of it in the past, enough to know the main plot of each book, but I had never really sat down and read them all cover to cover. Last night I finished the last book in […]

  • Such a sad story…how can people be filled with so much hate?

    Been reading a book for young adults called “Surviving the Angel of Death”.  It was written by Eva Kor, a holocaust survivor who was one of the famous twins that Dr. Mengele experimented on at Auschwitz.  The things these kids went through is horrific.  When they arrived at Auschwitz, Eva’s mother, father and two sisters […]