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  • Poetry – Touch and Go

    I’ve already lost touch with the younger generation, but I’ve become unequivocally bound to the passing of time.

  • I’m Back!!! (with new blogging insights)

    Hi everyone! So, I had a nice week off from blogging. I needed the break to give myself some time to relax and focus on other things. While I was away I asked myself some hard questions. Do I still enjoy blogging? Why was blogging stressing me out so much? Should I change some of […]

  • 3 New Elfchen Poems – Rock On, Ephemeral, Projection

    Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and haven’t been feeling too good anyhow, so thought I would post tonight. Here are a few more elfchen poems for your reading pleasure (with a few slight poetry form rule breaks lol): 1. Woosh! Down the electric slide feet first and head banging. Rock on! 2. Captivating, moonlight […]

  • Christmas and Family Forgiveness

    Yesterday my husband and I traveled over to Indiana to meet my mom and her husband for Christmas dinner. We all decided to meet at a truckstop that is about halfway between us, so that neither of us would have to cook, clean up, or drive too far: I genuinely had a good time and […]

  • New ACEO Artwork Series: Ancient Symbols

    Recently I decided to combine my love for art and ancient symbology into a new series of ACEO art trading cards. I have several books about signs, symbols, and sigils and plan to make a variety of artworks celebrating my love for these mysterious and intriguing ancient forms of wisdom. So far, I have made […]

  • Poetry Bits and Pieces

    Hi! I was flipping through my journal today and thought maybe I would share a few random bits of poetry with you! These are poetry bits that never made it into larger poems, but I still kind of like them! 1) “My soft, strawberry soul thrives like cold rain in the quiet shade of the […]

  • Dark Thoughts Inspired by Dostoevsky’s “Notes from Undergound”

    I’m currently reading Dostoevsky’s novel “Notes from Underground”, which is a somewhat satirical, but also brutally honest look at the shadow side that exists within us all, whether we would like to admit it or not. As I have been reading, I have found many ways that I can see a glimmer of myself within […]

  • Arguing on the Internet, Should I Disengage?

    I really should know better by now. I really should learn to just disengage with ignorant or narrow-minded people who refuse to even consider any viewpoint but their own. I should learn that it takes away from my happiness and peaceful life by wandering into pointless debates with people who I know I’m never going […]

  • Illusions


    If I could have one wish, I would wish more than anything that we as humanity could let go of our illusions – religious illusions political illusions personal illusions so that we could take a cold, hard look at reality as it actually is, and work together to solve our real problems at the core. […]

  • Never Forget

    Never Forget

    Never forget to remember…