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  • January/February Book Subscription Boxes – Kids & Middle Grade

    Lately I’ve been trying random book subscription boxes just to try to figure out which one I want to get on a regular basis. For January/February, I tried the following two boxes: This first box was the January Book Drop subscription. I picked the middle grade option, although I was torn between that and the […]

  • 2 Great YA Books About a Sensitive Subject

    Suicide is a sensitive subject, and one that people often shy away from, even if it has touched their own lives personally. However, as someone whose life was deeply impacted by a loss due to suicide, I try to be open about its reality and unafraid to tackle it head on. In the spirit of […]

  • Do the 2016 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge with Me!

    I decided to do the 2016 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge this year! I have already started and plan to make YouTube videos each month to update which categories I have completed in the challenge. If you would like to do the challenge with me, please visit the official POPSUGAR page where you can print off a copy […]

  • New school year starting! Author visit time!

    I am thrilled to see the start of another school year because that means I get to do what I love best, visit schools and share my love of literature with kids and young adults! This year will be especially happy for me because I am visiting my old stomping ground. Although most of the […]

  • Cursing and sexual terms – ok in literature for young adults?

    Lately, as I have been working with my editor to get my first book for young adults ready for publication, I have been thinking a lot about what is ok and isn’t ok to put in young adult literature. My new YA book is a poetry collection, and while it certainly isn’t riddled with sexual stuff […]

  • Author Anxiety

    You would think after you have your first book published and spend lots of time out in the public marketing it, that you wouldn’t be so nervous about future releases. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case. At least, not for me. Of course, I think part of the reason I am anxious right now is […]

  • Interview with author Tammy Ruggles

    (Before we get to the actual interview, I just had to say that this author really made me happy!  Since Edgar Allan Poe has always been my favorite author, it is a joy to get to write about another devout fan of his!  Also, the first two writers I would choose to meet, living or […]

  • ‘The Traz’ – a heartbreaking story about youth and consequences

    I must admit when I first started reading ‘The Traz’ (the first book of the BackTracker series), by Eileen Schuh, I wasn’t sure if I would really be able to relate to it or not.  After all, I am a pretty straight-laced person.  I’ve never done drugs, never really took up smoking or drinking, never joined a […]

  • Skeleton Creek book #4 ‘The Raven’

    I’ve really enjoyed reading the Skeleton Creek young adult series of books by Patrick Carman.  I actually came upon the first volume while looking through the books at our local Goodwill store.  I couldn’t really tell what it was about, since there was nothing written on either cover about the story, but it seemed like […]